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8 Content Marketing Trends to Watch in 2016

If you are associated with digital marketing, you must have heard the phrase “content is the king”. From the very beginning of the race of getting digital success, it’s been a dominating idea and till today, there’s no conflict regarding the notion.

As today, Google is not like what it was in 1996, the content marketing trends have also changed a lot. According to Moz , the search algorithm of Google has changed near about 500- 600 times over two decades. Therefore, it’s very natural to have changes in content marketing trends every year. Here’s what you should follow in 2016 to be a successful content marketer.


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  1. Repurposing Content

Repurposing was a hot topic in 2015 and even today it continues to be the same. It is very popular with the marketers as they realize its effectiveness in generating more views. The idea is if you already have something that has developed a good amount of traffic, you should try and improve it so that it remains updated and useful.

Repurposing actually boosts your content marketing campaign by taking your contents further. It has the ability to create a fan club of yours. It’s a method of pushing your published contents in various new forms.

  1. Promoting Content

There is no doubt that developing quality content is essential to generate traffic but you should also think about the promotion. Your content might be damn good at attracting visitors. But, you can expect the desired results only when it’s visible to right people, following right ways.

When it comes to content promotion, what hinders most of the marketers is that it’s a time-consuming procedure. With an updated knowledge, you can overcome this easily. There are various effective tools like, Connector and Notifier that can help you promote your content. Social media also plays an important role in content marketing. While tagging your contents on social media sites with a post, you need to ensure that it becomes visible to every follower on the network.

  1. New Platforms

2016 brings to you several new platforms to promote your contents. The instant articles from Facebook are a native publishing platform that comes with more direct options for publishers so that audience can quickly view contents. Google has also launched AMP through which you can instantly share contents.

  1. Breaking up Contents

Breaking up your contents and publishing them in regular intervals is a very effective way to engage your readers. It certainly builds anticipation among the readers and leaves a long-lasting impact on the visitor’s mind. It also creates a leaves the readers anticipating what is to come ahead. A tool like SEMrush explains ways to publish contents in intervals.

  1. Adding a Personal Touch

Today, content marketing is not all about creating contents using keywords and providing beneficial information. You have to personalize the contents so that the brand value can be created. Apart from this, it will differentiate your content from that of the others written on the same topic. While developing contents, don’t forget to focus on your branding elements like logo, symbols, design and icons.

  1. Taking Care of Relationships

Maintaining relationships through contents is going to be another important trend of 2016. Brands should pay attention to humanizing their marketing method and try to build a trustworthy group of audience. You should clarify every query of the customers regarding a specific blog post and be eager to start a discussion on any kind of topic.

  1. Role of Apps

Apps are going to bring a great change in content marketing this year. Numerous brands are willing to introduce apps of their own and Google’s aim is to serve contents from apps. Thus, in-app indexation is definitely going to work for you.

  1. Size Will Matter

As more and more businesses share valuable information and try to make a mark, it becomes necessary to create quality content. To be very frank the broad contents will win the race for having extensive data. Moreover, you need to publish regularly to get a place in the over-saturated world of content.

A close observation on the content marketing industry suggests that the above-discussed trends will rule in 2016. Keep yourself updated with relevant information from the Internet.