Email Campaigns That Wow Your Customers & Drive Sales

Email marketing is one of the most beneficial ways to get value from the database of customers you have. And at G Web Pro, we are focussed on creating email marketing campaigns that deliver both in the long- and short-term.

We believe that a strong database is the base of any email marketing campaign. To ensure that your qualified database keeps growing fast we follow best practice tactics like content upgrades, email capture apps, lead magnets and more.

We are also focused on adding value to the content that gets delivered to your prospective customers and thus, our professional designers and content writers team up to combine practical newsletters that drive conversions.

If you want to track and optimize your email marketing campaigns and get the best results, then give us a call today.

User AnalysisUser Analysis

We, being a MailChimp Email Marketing Expert in Toronto target, customize and optimize event-driven email marketing campaigns for every client by analyzing the database suitable for a particular industry. We develop personalized strategies to meet the clients’ requirements no matter where in the sales funnel the end users are. Based on that, we create innovative newsletters that may contain more than one message if needed.

Predictive MessagesPredictive Messages

We understand that customers in different sales funnels have different requirements and thus, we don’t believe in sending newsletters of same formats repeatedly. We utilize our predictive intelligence and let them have a personalized experience, providing them with the information they need. This is how, we engage more people, reduce bounce rate and increase ROI.

Newsletter DesignNewsletter Design

Newsletters are meant for encouraging customers to click and bring traffic to your website. But it is important to meet the customers’ expectations when they visit your landing page otherwise it will just increase the bounce rate. Considering this, we create HTML marketing templates for newsletters that reflect your contents of landing pages. We ensure that your prospective customers get a consistent experience that can generate more conversions.

A/B TestingA/B Testing

We conduct a thorough A/B testing to measure how we can increase the click-through rate and determine what kind of campaigns would work for you. It ensures that the newsletters are created

Tracking and ReportingTracking & Reporting

G Web Pro’s online email marketing service provides you with a monthly report so that you can track how your campaigns have performed. Apart from this, you will get monthly calls from our team to help you understand about the progress of your email campaigns.

Why Choose Us?

  • Unique Designs

    We have an expert team of talented designers who are responsible for creating attractive templates for businesses to bring traffic to the websites. We also provide customized email design solutions to add that extra touch of individuality to represent your brand. Having hundreds of campaigns under our name, we know the difference between website design and newsletter design. With us, you can be certain of the fact that your messages through emails will be consistent across various platforms like Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo etc.

  • Analysis & Deliverability

    With our state-of-the-art tools, we can provide you with the detailed report of the emails marketed by us. So, no more confused targeting. We make sure that you are aware of the people who clicked, the time when you get the most number of clicks and the location where the clicks have come from. Our testing process includes validating images and links, checking spammy content and previewing the emails several times to improve the user-friendliness. We also ensure that your emails are optimized to gain you an improved click-through rate.

  • Friendly Customer Care

    We believe in providing a hassle-free service. With us, there’s no need to install any software or pay a set-up fee. We have built a friendly and approachable support team. So, whenever you need help or answers to your queries, we are just a phone call away. And if there’s any technical issue, we will directly work with your in-house team to resolve it as fast as possible.