Responsive Design Solutions Meant Only for Your Business

At G Web Pro, we design websites that are not just attractive and fully functional, but that can also be easily accessible by your users on the go. We create interactive responsive designs integrating the latest trends and technologies in the mobile world.

First impressions matter when you are online and thus, we build mobile sites that speak for themselves. Our experienced designers create clean and uniquely designed mobile web pages that showcase your brand’s voice. Above all, we ensure that the websites we design match with the latest accessibility standards and are compatible with all the popular browsers and apps.

usability testingUsability Testing

The conversion rate of your website heavily depends on its usability. Your users may not use your site the way you intended while conceptualizing the design. Thus, testing your site’s usability is essential. Our professional designers look at every area of your website to ensure that it’s getting the maximum number of clicks. We then run numerous tests to make sure that it’s optimized.

usability testEffective Designs

A web page design can only become great when it compels a user to take action. With our expertise, your site’s bounce rate will be minimized allowing more users to browse through its web pages. The experience we create for users on mobile websites ensures that their interest in your brand grows, turning first-time visitors into advocates.

Front-end Development Front-end Development

No matter which device they are surfing from, people expect clear and easily understandable graphics when they visit a site. This is why, every website we create has semantic front-end development using the best and latest practice in CSS, jQuery and HTML. We have certified web developers who compliment the designs in the best possible way to get most of your digital platform.

Email DesignEmail Design

It’s easy to analyze which email campaigns work and which don’t. But, explaining the reasons for failure and success is not as simple. To ensure a strong line of business communication, we continuously reverse engineer your successful email designs and spread that across your communication lines to improve the conversion rate.

website update Website Upgrade & Redesign

When it comes to the upgrading an old desktop website to a mobile responsive site, we make sure that the functions of your existing site remain the same. We can also rebuild static website into a CMS based site that can be managed easily with no format errors.

Web Design

Clear optical is a Toronto based local optometrist renowned for offering end to end vision care needs.

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Web Design

Page One is a leading brand in the lighting industry of Toronto. The company is known for having distributer partners across the globe.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Easily Updateable

    It’s not only the user experience that we are focused on while creating the layouts for your website. Making your business always visible in the search results is also important. That’s why we develop easily updateable responsive websites so that you can keep your site updated with SEO changes ensuring a secure a good position on the SERPs.

  • High-Performance Technology

    We use CMSs like WordPress, Joomla, Magento etc. so that you can get the most out of your responsive website. These are all popular CMSs that always come with new features and plugins to keep you ahead of your competition. They also come with large communities dedicated to letting others know about everything new and upcoming on these open source platforms.

  • Customized Solutions

    Our mobile websites complement the businesses which they have been built for. We understand your visitors, why they visit your website and how you want them to feel. Thus, we can we provide customized solutions with a purpose-built user experience that tells your story and improves engagement.