Landing Page Design Solutions that Make Visitors Click

G Web Pro is a web design and development company in Toronto that specializes in creating effective landing pages that convert potential users into clients. The design is the key to any online venture and we make sure that the web pages look great while highlighting the key selling points and calls to action.

What differentiates our Toronto-based landing page design services is that we run A/B tests to make sure that the content for each one works best for its purpose. We also ensure that your landing page looks fine no matter which device is being used to view it.

goalsSetting up Goals

Our landing page design process starts with goal setting. We consult with the client to decide which persona should be targeted, so that we can design based on how the visitors are expecting to view the page. We make sure that the calls to action are placed properly and the contact form is perfect in length. Last but not the least, we ensure that there’s a perfect harmony between company details and the solutions it provides.

interfaceCreating  Clear Interface

The copy is kept short and precise to make the interface clear and highlight the message you wish to convey about the product or service on offer. We also check that every element on the landing page is properly aligned and there’s a relevance to the content flow to make the user’s journey towards filling up the contact form seamless.

thank you pageThank You Page Creation

We believe in providing the users more buying opportunities and thus, we create attractive thank you pages that include relevant items a user may have purchased or enquired about. It enables us to move your prospect further down in the sales funnel.

Responsive DesignResponsive Design

This is another crucial step in landing page creation. It often happens that a page that looks nice on a desktop, doesn’t fit properly when opened on a mobile or tablet. You may need to have some sections or content removed in order to give a smooth mobile scrolling experience to the users. Therefore, we carefully check your landing pages and add a responsive interface to them.


We never forget about optimization. Landing pages are meant to be visible in the search results and visited by users. Therefore, it is necessary to have them properly optimized both for the users and the search engines. Apart from creating innovative layouts and images, we make sure that the HTML and CSS files in the pages are minimized and the images are optimized so that the site loads fast and the users don’t bounce back.

Web Design

Clear optical is a Toronto based local optometrist renowned for offering end to end vision care needs.

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Web Design

Page One is a leading brand in the lighting industry of Toronto. The company is known for having distributer partners across the globe.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Relevant Content & Planned Structure

    The designs and images our team creates are tailored to complement the content on the landing pages. We add a user-friendly layout to let visitors easily navigate and find the content they are looking for. The web page layouts are based on the user data and follow best practices to create a perfect template to present your brand.

  • Multiple Platforms

    Our expert designers are comfortable with multiple platforms. It doesn’t matter if you want your web pages to be created using WordPress, Joomla, Magento or Custom PHP, we will always deliver unique design ideas to showcase your brand. We also get in touch with the developers to provide you with an easy admin panel where you can make changes from.

  • Customized Solutions

    We work closely with our clients to make any necessary changes to meet their requirements. The layout is only drawn up after analyzing the product or service and the type of business the design is meant for.