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At G Web Pro, we begin by determining both macro and micro-interactions on your site and defining the exact value of each engagement. We consider every stage of the sales funnel as an integral part of web analytics and thus, we help you identify every opportunity to optimize the conversion rate.

Our Toronto-based web analytics services include actionable insights that highlight both the strengths to capitalize on any weaknesses to address. We regularly track and report web performance to help our clients make more data-centric decisions. We also ensure that you have the most relevant information when you need it most.

Defining ObjectivesDefining Objectives

Each website has its own objectives. For some, the purpose is to increase traffic throughout the website while others (support websites) want to decrease the page views as their purpose is for visitors to easily find answers. Based on your goals, we identify the key metrics that can help you achieve your desired results.

Analyzing DataAnalyzing Data 

Our analysis starts from understanding whether the performance of a website is improving over time. We consider the value of each engagement and the quality of traffic by tracking the bounce rate of a website in a given period of time. It lets us decide whether the targeted market is wrong or if the website needs its content retooled. We also ensure that the keywords are working properly as they provide valuable data regarding visitor intent.

Keyword ResearchKeyword Research

We look at what your potential customers are searching for on the web to make sure your website has the same keywords. This allows us to add more new pages relevant to your business. By knowing what your customers are interested in, we can then attract more of them with insightful blog posts.

benchmarkSetting Benchmarks

We use your website’s historical data to determine important statistics, such as when your website got the highest traffic, what was the form abandonment rate, how much you used to spend per lead and when there was an excessive bounce rate. If there isn’t enough data in place, then we turn to industry benchmarks and use them to meet the target. By analysing these benchmarks, we can ensure that your website is always performing.

testing and implementingTesting & Implementing

After establishing benchmarks, we experiment with different strategies to improve your site’s performance. We start by making changes to the minor conversion points and if they work, we move ahead with more comprehensive changes. Our

Why Choose Us?

  • Data-Driven Approach

    By strictly relying on data, we are able to confidently assist clients in making the right marketing decisions. We use the latest tools, technology and best practices to provide actionable insights to our clients. Our analytical framework allows our methods to provide better results than those of our competitors.

  • Extensive Market Research

    Our strategies are designed after careful research and analyzing raw data. Every interaction made on your website is looked at in detail. From this, we are able to tell clients specifically how their requirements are best met and the time-frame.

  • Unique Ideas

    Being an organization that employs experts in several different fields, we are able to generate ideas and approach problems from many different angles. Our experience in providing a wide range of services means the guidance we offer is tailored to targeting user behaviour. Thus, we are experts at developing solutions that are easily marketable and measurable.

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