Case Studies

Airline Limousine

Airline Limousine is a successful limousine service provider with over 70 years of experience operating in the Greater Toronto area and surrounding municipalities. Although Airline Limousine was already a well-known company before working with us, they needed to create an online presence to augment reservations and improve their online customer service.

Coming to us with the ambition to become the premier limousine service provider in Toronto, we responded immediately and started creating both short and long term digital marketing strategies for them. We have been running free and paid campaigns for them since 2013 and have succeeded in improving conversions and brand authority.

We have also redesigned their website and ensured everything from front-end effects to dashboard features. Our spec homework and intimate involvement with the strategy and planning of the project have resulted in showcasing the company as Toronto’s most reliable Limousine service provider.

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Body Pro

Body Pro Beauty & Aesthetics Academy Inc is an accredited school by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. They serve Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto and surrounding areas, and also accept international students from different countries. In order to reach their target audience in all locations, they needed a renewed digital marketing strategy.

It was a challenging task to us as we were not the first digital marketing agency they were associated with. We had to offer them something better than what they were getting. We optimized their social media presence first and then started promoting their brand. With our profound research and hard work, we were able to provide them leads from the very first month.

We have also improved their local search presence on Google and establish them as a reliable brand in Toronto and several other locations. Even when it comes to SEO, our contribution for Body Pro is very prominent. The website appears in the top five search results with all high search volume keywords, bringing in a lot of relevant traffic.

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Amazon Hardwood Centre

Amazon Hardwood Center is one of the largest dealers of flooring products in Canada. They have five locations spread across the GTA -in Toronto, Brampton, Woodbridge and Markham-, but needed to expand their visibility and reach online customers launching an e-commerce platform and implementing a customized digital strategy.

As the targeted audience for this particular business was mostly B2C clients, the social media channels were our primary focus. We created effective social media ad campaigns for them and started promoting their products. Our creatives in the likes of images, infographics, PPTs and videos also boosted our campaigns and we started generating sales at the very early stage.

We have also run successful PPC campaigns for them. With Our drainage reduction mechanism, we were able to provide them with a budget friendly Pay Per Click solution that helped in gaining them more customers from Google.

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Clear Optical

Clear Optical is a professional optometrist and eyewear provider in Brampton, that have partnered with great companies to deliver high quality products and services. They needed a new website and design to introduce themselves to online users and advertise their current promotions and sales.

It didn’t take us a long while to prepare the design of the website for Clear Optical. Our close association with the company made their requirements and expectations clear to us from very early. We have also developed a customized admin panel that match their suggestions.

We started integrating SEO factors to the site from the early designing stage. We analyzed the competitors and the user needs and developed a site that is both mobile and user friendly.

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Cupid Boutique

Cupid Boutique is one of the largest adult store and novelty chains in Canada. They have retail locations across Toronto and the GTA, and an online store that needed to improve its visibility in search engine results.

The eCommerce store is created using Magento with a custom design and admin panel. It has all the modern functions and features. Along with a mobile friendly interface, we added an app like appearance to it when searched from mobile phones on which the conversion rate of the products is highest till date.

We mainly focus on PPC and social media marketing to generate leads for the brand. We are also engaged in doing email marketing which eventually improves the CTR and conversion. We have also been able to show great results for the brand in SEO when searched locally.

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Viamar Scilla is a trusted auto shipping service provider in Toronto, with almost four decades of experience. They ship all types of vehicles to more than 250 international ports every week. To promote their services online, they needed a new website and a content marketing strategy.

It is our user-oriented content marketing strategy through which we have been able to bring Viamar on the top of the SERPs. The company has been investing in content marketing since a long while but was facing difficulties in reaching potential customers. We have helped them understand the targeted audience and their pain points and promote their brand with informative and attractive content to improve the conversion rate.

The new website design created by us also proved to be a successful deal for them. We were able to create an authoritative online appearance which eventually reduced the bounce rate and helped them to get an improvement in ranking.

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IFSE is a leader in online learning delivery and the educational arm of The Investment Funds Institute of Canada. They provide education and support through digital platforms to improve the financial literacy of Canadians.

We have been responsible for the digital promotion of the brand since 4 years. We developed both PPC and SEO strategy which resulted in a profitable investment for the company. We used multiple data points to track the progress and the goal was achieved through mapping, auditing and sharing information regularly.

We ranked half of all the keywords organically in the top ten search results in three months, resulting in bringing a lot of traffic to the website. Along with this, our successful paid ad campaigns helped in boosting the sales from the very beginning. Today IFSE is one of the top institutions of online learning in Mississauga

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Oren Is Better is Toronto’s leading jewelry buyer. They buy gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, and luxury items, offering the best price and exceptional customer service. Their evaluations are accurate and scientific, which make them stand out in the industry.

We were primarily focused on improving the local search presence of Oren to make the business visible properly to the searchers. We take pride in outrank the competitors in a very short span of time. We made a thorough analysis of the competitors and point out their key areas and start promoting the brand in those niche platforms.

Our efforts resulted in a huge success for the company as Oren saw a 30% revenue increase through both free and paid ads. We have surpassed every goal that has been set.

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Dormio offers luxury organic mattresses and bedding in Toronto and Mississauga. They have the largest selection of latex and natural memory foam, pillows, baby bedding, and accessories in Canada. Their products are sold in four different showrooms and through their website.

To make the products viral, we targeted the mobile users primarily. With our proven methodology, we identified the key topics that people were talking about. Next, we developed tailored content for those who are interested in it. With our content marketing strategy, Dormio received a lot of related search terms they were ranking for.

We used these opportunities to showcase the products and it ended in generating a huge number of leads. Eventually, it reduced the bounce rate of the website that also helped in improving the ranking.

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Lerner Interiors

Lerner Interiors is a reputed company of branded window treatments in Toronto. They work with a team of interior designers, architects and other professionals to offer the best on window blinds, shades, shutters, curtains, and drapes.

We analyzed competitors to identify the most related search queries and distribute the content to a variety of networks. We also solved the technical issues to improve the page load speed and tracked results to evaluate the method.

Lerner Interiors saw an 70% of increase in traffic to the pages that were included with search query based content. We also helped product managers to promote products that are trending.

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DP Lazer Maze

DP Lazer Maze is a company of laser tag services with arenas in Vaughan, Toronto, Mississauga, Newmarket, Brampton & Richmond Hill. They offer the latest in technology and systems to ensure memorable experiences.

We set a separate SEO team for the project. They worked closely with the sales and product management team to generate content ideas to promote the brand. They solved the technical issues and developed a user oriented content marketing plan. We mainly focused on the long tail strategy and promoted FAQ based posts. We also build a team for quick answers.

The results were unexpected. We were able to secure 218% increase in organic traffic and 130% hike in organic leads.

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Gold Stock Live

Gold Stock is Canada’s leading precious metal dealer & refinery. They have over 100 years of combined experience distributing to corporations, various businesses and private clients. They deal in all precious metals, but specialize in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

We made it a priority to identify the keywords with high search volume and recognize content promotion and production opportunities. We also kept an eye on social media channels on a regular basis to find out the targeted audience and their interests.

The results were truly impressive as we were able deliver a 441% hike in organic visits and 87% social visits. The total revenue got 87% increase and the bounce rate was also reduced in a few months.

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Toronto Auto Brokers

Toronto Auto Brokers is a top-rated used car dealership with over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry. They are a family owned business based in the Greater Toronto Area that provides reliable and affordable services.

The website faced a massive rankdrop in the SERPs when we got the project. A large focus was needed on the detail-specific pages. The idea was to recognize relevant terms that had adequate search volume to generate a good number of organic visits.

Within a few months, they started witnessing impressive results. The organic ranking of the keywords increased as a lot of pages got optimized for the keyword route terms.

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Legends MMA

Legends specializes in MMA, martial arts, boxing, kickboxing, and muay thai training for men, women and children. Their training facility in Brampton offers specialized services for various age groups to ensure they work on their strength, improve their abilities, and get a renewed energy.

We figured out the situations that could increase the chances of getting visits. We also invested time in preparing highly attractive creatives for the brand and promoted them on the social networks. Apart from this, we focused on creating authority backlinks for the website that improved both organic ranking and traffic.

We found that traffic in the inner pages increased in a few months. 75% of total traffic was from social media channels. We have also been successful in generating leads from the referral traffic.

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