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G Web Pro Marketing Inc. is a leading provider of online marketing solutions for all types of businesses. Our team of highly-skilled professionals use robust processes and proven strategies to promote a company’s online exposure and grow the business by turning a website into a 24/7 salesperson.

Our most unique attribute and what we believe allows us to deliver maximum results, is our view on online advertising. Despite what accounting principles indicate, we believe online advertising is an investment and not an expense, as it generates income when properly implemented.

We bring our
clients results

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver measurable results to reach a company’s objectives, providing customized solutions through a systematic approach. We craft online marketing plans according to the company’s needs, integrate the latest online practices and tools, and measure the results to constantly optimize the strategy.

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We are a Google
certified agency

Our team of experienced professionals are certified in Google Adwords and Google Analytics to integrate the latest tools and accurate data in our work. Keyword research, traffic growth, lead generation, and ROI optimization are some of the concrete indicators that we measure with these tools to guide our work.

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Our culture

What if people showed up to work not just to get through the week, but because they were inspired?

Our past and future

Companies are no longer creators of needs and dictators of trends, they are facilitators of solutions that have to be presented at the right moment, with the right content and using the language (or keywords) and technology that consumers use. Today, consumers expect to establish transparent, useful, and coherent conversations with companies through different digital channels.

Our value proposition

We believe that a good digital strategy presents the products and services of a company as a solution to the consumers’ needs. We understand that websites, social media and mobile apps are the tools for a new form of communication between companies and consumers. Users solve their questions, research, discover, and learn using the content available online. Companies need to be part of this conversation.

Our History

G Web Pro was founded in Toronto in 2010 by four professionals. At the beginning, the company focused just on few services related to digital marketing. Shortly after, to respond to their client’s needs, the company expanded its services to include website and mobile app development, web design, and web analytics, among others.

Today, G Web Pro is formed by 15 highly skilled professionals that offer comprehensive online services to all kind of businesses. The company has served over 590 clients in Canada and United States, launched 514 websites, and developed 29 mobile apps.