WordPress Store Locator Plugin

WordPress Store Locator Plugin

Gwebpro Store Locator

  • Finding locations can be a real challenge. Not anymore. Introducing G Web Pro Store Locator– a unique location finder system that allows you to integrate map and manage multiple physical locations with ease. Just add [GwebproStoreLocator] to your page and the plugin gets integrated to your WordPress page.

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Plugin Description

Gwebpro store locator is a unique location finder system that helps you find and manage multiple physical locations within and via an integrated WordPress platform. It allows you to add and list as many stores you wish to through an easy procedure from the Admin panel.

Our experts have crafted different versions of this Plugin that caters to a wide range of mapping requirements that enables your niche to locate you with ease. Search filters prompt precise results to show up letting your clients know where exactly you are located. We have paid versions that are loaded with features with each of them being responsive across various platforms.

All you need to do, is just put [GwebproStoreLocator] for free version,[GwebproStoreLocatorPro] for pro version,[GwebproStoreLocatorBiz] for business version and [GwebproStoreLocatorUltimate] for Ultimate version to your page in order to integrate this plugin.

Designed for every kind of user, it is extremely easy to integrate this Plugin into your website, make it functional and establish your physical presence on Google Maps.

What Gwebpro Store Locator WordPress Plugin can do for your business?

The Gwebpro Store Locator WordPress Plugin has been created to aid businesses cater to their clients better. We have created this mapping facility for our clients to assist their existing customers as well new ones to easily locate your business so that they can actually visit your store if necessary. This Plugin can work marvels for a business because of the following reasons:

  1. Helps to find a place in Google Maps, the most reputed and dependable application for exact location.
  2. Allows mapping of several stores. This is a major advantage with business with more than one branch.
  3. Gives exact driving directions from wherever to you are to the nearest store located close to you.
  4. Adding physicality to your business through this mapping app will add authenticity and genuineness to your business as clients will know that you exist for real, that they can come and check out any time.
  5. This will help businesses cater to their clients and reinforce client satisfaction because people can actually walk into stores for more choices and options in products and services.
  6. Encourages more business and client communication leading to gratifying experiences for both parties.
  7. Attract more customers extending beyond the online space.

Advantages of Gwebpro Store Locator WordPress Plugin

  • Gwebpro WordPress store locator Plugin is easy to install and doesn’t require any special program or complex steps for installation.
  • Special admin dashboard for easy manipulation of detail.
  • It can be used to add stores address, location as well as store categories.
  • It auto populates a list of suggestions when adding your city, state, country to facilitate precise locations.
  • Sets map height, width and no of stores to be displayed on one page.
  • Specify or limit the radius for search from visitor’s current location.
  • Display your store in the front end by adding [GwebproStoreLocator] short code.
  • Displays nearest stores automatically against visitor’s current location (within a specified radius from the admin).
  • Changes your location by entering city, place or zip in the Change location field. Users receive a list of suggestions that populates automatically.
  • Displays the current position of the user and store locations with different coloured pins to easily understand store locations. You can use customized pins.
  • Flexibility to drag and change visitor’s current location by dragging and dropping visitor’s current location pin. Users can easily change their location and search stores accordingly.
  • Clicking the store pins shows the store address followed by the direction and distance to navigate easily.
  • Add keywords to yield accurate results for searches by clients.
  • Search for stores from the lists of stores by inserting any related keyword.
  • The paid versions of the Gwebpro wordpress store locator Plugin allow bulk import of multiple stores information, thereby minimizing manual effort in adding individual store details. You can download sample CSV to get an idea about the format and mandatory fields that need to be filled to use this feature. For modifications in the format and mandatory fields, you can drop in a mail to our Support team at support@Gwebpro.com
  • You can add Store details in a separate box for ease of use if you desire so.
  • Advanced customization through settings from admin panel. You can add useful details like store description, store picture, website and contact information with phone numbers and email address. You can also add more categories for your store for better search results.
  • Along with store or business locators, you can also add related points of probable interest for your clients by setting unique thumbnails or different colored pins that helps them distinguish from your stores and easily locate them.
  • Responsive across all devices like tablets, mobile phones, laptops, desktops, etc. which means that it adapts to the screen size of the website visitor’s device.



  • PHP 5.2.4+ (same as WordPress 3.3.2)
  • WordPress: 3.3.2+

Plugin Information

  • Search for “Gwebpro Store Locator” via Plugins/Add New on your WordPress admin panel.
  • Click Install.
  • Add your locations through the “Add Store” page in the GwebproStoreLocator admin panel.
  • Create or edit a page and add the [GwebproStoreLocator] short code.



Version Release Date Action
v1.0.3 January 30, 2014 Download
v1.0.2 October 04, 2013 Download
v1.0.1 August 21, 2013 Download
v1.0.0 August 6, 2013 Download

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Features and
Add unlimited Stores
Search nearest Stores
Locate visitor by IP
Create Store Categories
Upload Store images
Add Store details
Search using City, State, Zip
Instant Helper
Search by Store
Store direction from current location
Search by Categories
Bulk import using CSV
Upload custom map pointer
Bulk export
Set default map location
Change visitor’s location pointer
Change visitor search radius
Store details in separate page
Show/Hide map
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