Optimize Your Business Locally and Boost Your Map Ranking

G Web Pro has been placing businesses on Google Maps for years. We understand how important it is for a local business to be on the maps as this aids in overall lead generation. Our team is expert in local listing optimization and can guarantee that you rank on top of Google Maps when searched locally.

We make sure that your business details are correct and fully optimized. If you already have an existing account or plan to create a new one, we can ensure the account’s success by completing the basic profile and checking business address citations. Get your business showcased today and give your customers the right information at the right time, whether it is walking directions to your location or your phone number to call you with just a single click.

business submissionsBusiness Submission

To make your business visible on Google Maps, it is important that Google identifies your business location (the right street, lane and building) first and sets the pin in the exact place on maps. Our map optimizers ensure that there are not any business submission errors ensuring it gets verified quickly and seamlessly.

citation buildingCitation Building

Right after submitting your business to Google, we create and optimize the citations or the business listing sites so that your ranking on Google Maps gets boosted. Our team of local SEOs make sure that your business gets listed manually on the high authority sites where people often consult before hiring local service providers.






onsite optimizationOnsite Optimization

We integrate Google Maps on your site to ensure that your website visitors can access all your relevant business details (directions, opening hours, transports) easily. The visitors will also get the option to share the maps with their friends. With the map underneath your contact form, you can create a visually rich interface that engages users more.

multiple location optimizationMultiple Location Optimization

We guarantee that your multi-location business ranks on top whenever people search from any of the registered areas. We, being Store Locator plugin developers, are well aware of the key factors to rank your website for multiple locations. We create dedicated pages for each location so that it becomes easy for Google to track your website when location specific searches are made.

nap correctionNAP Correction

We check if there are any existing citations. If any inconsistency in the NAP (business name, address and phone number) is found, we get in touch with the necessary people to rectify the issue. We ensure that every listing directory displays the same information as this is necessary for a high ranking on Google.

Why Choose Us?

  • We Guarantee Results

    We understand that what matters most is results which is why delivering quality solutions requires providing something truly unique. We ensure that you are investing in a guarantee to get your business on top in local search. We use a proven campaign strategy to get a business listed on Google Maps and build citations.

  • We Have the Experience

    Being in the digital marketing industry for years means that we know that even a small error in your citation building can harm your overall digital strategy. It often happens that a site doesn’t rank because of low-quality backlinks. We ensure that you get authoritative and relevant links so that your listing not only is boosted but also your future initiatives become easier.

  • We Know the Difference between Local and National

    We know that your main focus is on local customers and thus, we identify where they are and what they actually need. Moreover, we analyze users’ behaviour in a specific location to showcase your business in the most effective way possible. We also make sure that your business ranks on Google Maps with the most relevant, competitive and best-performing keywords.

Case Studies

Toronto's SEO Service Company

Airline Limousine

Airline Limousine is a successful limousine service provider with over 70 years of experience operating in the Greater Toronto area and surrounding municipalities. Although Airline Limousine was already a well-known company before working with us, they needed to create an online presence to augment reservations and improve their online customer service.

Body Pro Beauty & Aesthetics Academy

Body Pro Beauty & Aesthetics Academy Inc is an accredited school by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. They serve Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto and surrounding areas, and also accept international students from different countries. In order to reach their target audience in all locations, they needed a renewed digital marketing strategy.

Viamar Scilla Transport International INC

Viamar Scilla is a trusted auto shipping service provider in Toronto, with almost four decades of experience. They ship all types of vehicles to more than 250 international ports every week. To promote their services online, they needed a new website and a content marketing strategy.