Effective Content Writing Techniques – The 2019 Bash

Who doesn’t want a huge traffic to his/her website? It’s normal. But this is not all that you want. The primary objective will always be the conversions. And this is where content comes to play its part.

Today’s discussion is on the most happening content creation techniques that would definitely help yield more conversions in 2019. 


Writing contents keeping SEO in mind will always yield beneficial results. But you have to be careful about the fact that you are not walking towards SEO spam. Your efforts need to be meaningful and should boost your digital marketing techniques.

There are quite a few resources that would help you create SEO friendly contents. The very first one that comes in the list is Google Keyword Planner. It will compile and convey relevant information about the keywords and phrases used frequently by people.

A group forum like LinkedIn can also be a fruitful platform to learn about people’s queries. From here, you can come to know what type of questions people have and what solutions they are looking for.


From your previous research, you must have developed some idea about keywords and people’s search trends. But content creation is not limited to adding keywords to the blogs, articles and PRs.

In 2016, you also need to contemplate on fully optimized images and it’s not done only if you upload related images to your blog. You have to check their sizes. Large images often reduce the speed of websites. If you use a content management system like WordPress, you will have several plugins that would guide you in image optimization.

Thin content can be another optimization issue that can definitely place you down in the SERPs. Yoast plugin for WordPress can help you escape the problem. It grades the writing as well as gives valuable suggestions so that the content doesn’t appear to be thin.


Once the content is uploaded, it will generate traffic to your website. Thus, it’s time to check how the content is working. It’s not that you have invested your time and money to get visits. You should convert those visits into sales. To do this, the very first task you need to do is to set goals in analytics. Once the goal is set, observe whether the traffic is reaching the goals. This can be done with the tools like Convert Experiments, Visual Website Optimizer and Optimizely.

After the installation of the tools, you can try different techniques to convert your visitors. To promote your newsletter, you can upload a banner right at the end of the blog post. You can use more text-based contents. A pop-up can also play a powerful role in generating leads.

Let’s broaden the limits and concentrate more on conversions as getting traffic wouldn’t do the job for you. For more information, you can take the assistance of the internet.

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