Q. What is Internet Marketing? Is it different from Digital Marketing?

A. A website is the digital equivalent of a brick and mortar store for a business. Like you would employ various techniques to market, promote and brand your products offline, the same goes for your online presence too. Merely creating a website is not enough where there are millions of similar websites on the internet vying for the visitor’s attention. Internet marketing uses various techniques to market, promote and brand your products and services online. The different techniques G Web Pro applies to brand and promote your website, products and services are:

Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing is a holistic marketing approach that aims to engage users via different electronic devices apart from computers. Digital marketing aims to reach customers via every medium possible apart from print. It includes using mobile hand held devices like smartphones, tablets, playbooks, pocket PCs, computers and game consoles. This is where email marketing, mobile apps, and social media marketing come into play.

Digital Marketing is a necessity in today’s world, as marketing is all about reaching out to customers. At G Web Pro, we offer both online marketing and digital marketing services, take your business to where the customers are and employ various proven digital marketing techniques to engage and retain your customers. Successful digital marketing campaigns also generate leads, bringing in new customers.

Q. Why does my business need online marketing/digital marketing?

A. The internet had introduced a new method of research. The advent of smartphones and social media brought in a landslide. As more and more people get hooked to their mobile phones and tablets, the way they make decisions also changes. Purchasing decisions today are influenced by communication received on social media platforms, customer reviews received on forums, mobile and internet advertising. They conduct research on mobiles and look up social media to find comments from like minded people before they subscribe to a service or buy a product.

Online marketing helps you establish an instant connect with your customers and more importantly reach them effectively. Conventional offline marketing techniques manage to reach customers only partly. With online marketing you are sure to take your business exactly where it is needed. At the fingertips of the customer.

Q. What is SEO and why do I need it?

A. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, a process of making a website rank on the top pages of search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. SEO is a dynamic process constituting techniques that keep changing constantly, and is an expert domain. If you are looking for an SEO services agency, ensure that you hire one that is abreast of the latest techniques, and is constantly learning and developing their resources to stay ahead of the times.

Businesses need SEO to make their websites rank on the top pages of the search engines, so that they are visible in the search results. Most internet users do not scroll beyond the first two pages to find what they are looking for, and SEO is the only way to get your site to rank.

SEO helps in:

  • Identifying relevant factors for your business and understanding what makes your customers tick
  • A good SEO strategy allows you to keep your competition behind
  • SEO is the only way your customers will find you amongst more than 644 million websites on the internet

Q. How do I know that my website is ranking?

A. At the end of a mutually agreed upon time frame we will send you a detailed report of how your website has ranked within that time, so you will know how our SEO strategies are working.

Q. How soon do the results show after I give you my project?

A. While some companies may give you a time frame to win a project, at G Web Pro we deal with you honestly. With search engines you can’t tell. With the right strategies, the right content, design, on page and off page optimization, the results should begin to show early. Local Search is also important, and we emphasize on that as well for your business to rank in local searches. A lot of important factors like the Business Name, Address and Phone number have to be streamlined correctly for the results to reflect quickly.

Q. I hear a lot about Social Media Marketing these days. What is it? Does my business need that too?

A. Social Media Marketing ensures a strong social media presence – an important business marketing aspect in the present times. Small and large businesses alike need to leverage the power of social media to engage with their customers and communicate with them. A successful SMM strategy helps bring in customers and make a positive impact on them. At G Web Pro, we use the various popular social media platforms to make announcements, offer customer service, and to grow your business.

Q. What is PPC and why does my business need it?

A. PPC (Pay Per Click) is a form of advertising your business on the internet to bring only quality customers. The advertiser pays only when the customer clicks on the link. This ensures that there is no wastage of your funds. PPC ensures quality visits to your site as people who are interested in your services and products are generally the ones to click on the advertisement. Businesses that use PPC usually get quality traffic from these links and can maximize their ROIs.

Q. Why do I need a website?

A. A website is your ticket to global reach. It represents you business in the virtual world, showcasing your brand, business type, products or services and also attaches credibility to your endeavour. More than 3 billion people in the world use the internet on a regular basis, and a website is the perfect platform to showcase your offerings to the world audience. It guarantees a global presence, and ensures communication with the global users.

Q. Why does it have to be designed by a professional?

A. A well designed website serves to attract and sustain the interest of your visitor and reduces the percentage of bounced statistic.

At G Web Pro, we design websites with your target customer in mind, apart from other factors like brand color, business type, usability, and user experience. A well designed website should be able to communicate your message clearly in a single glance and grab the attention of the visitor in the first 5 seconds of browsing.

Our experienced web designers do not just create a website rather they help establish sustainable communication with your visitor in those precious few initial moments.

Q. What is User Experience of a website?

A. User Experience is the aspect of enhancing the ease of use of a website taking in to account factors like navigability, the time it takes for a particular page to load, the ease of finding what the user is looking for, and the visual prominence of important business information. It is an intangible factor that depends wholly upon the experience and skills of the website designers and developers.

User Experience is a holistic experience that the visitor goes thorough when they are visiting your site. Design is an integral part of User Experience, and a well designed website is obviously easier to use. Our designers have a keen understanding of what works for a website and what doesn’t, and which are the factors that help sustain interest and help generate leads.

Our designs are targeted towards creating fabulous User Experiences and converting visitors into buyers.

Q. How do I ensure global reach for my website?

A. It’s simple. Talk to US! With a team of seasoned and skilled designers and developers G Web Pro is ready to help you with your endeavours to reach out to a wider customer base and establish a sustainable presence on the World Wide Web.

Q. What are Mobile Apps?

A. Mobile applications are nothing but certain kinds of software applications that are created to work on mobile hand held devices like smartphones and tablets. Some of them also have desktop versions which will work on conventional devices like computers and laptops. They have to be downloaded and installed on the user’s device before use. The Apple App Store, Google Play, Windows Store and Blackberry App World are portals where the user can download the apps from, depending on the Operating System of their device.

Mobile applications are developed keeping in mind what can or cannot work on the hand held devices, since they function in ways different than computers.

Q. Why do I need mobile apps for my business?

A. There are about 2 billion mobile users in the world who access the internet through their smart phones and other hand held mobile devices like tablets, notebooks, ipads, etc. People log into the internet from these devices to conduct research on products and services they wish to buy, and it is through mobile apps that they connect with others.

Mobile apps help users establish an instant connect with your business, helping them book tickets, leave feedback, make purchases, browse through your products and services by offering a online mobile catalog, etc.

At G Web Pro we offer excellent mobile apps and responsive site development services that will help you reach out to more customers – both existing and potential.

Q. How do I get mobile apps for my business?

A. It’s simple. Just call one of our mobile app developers and we will help you leverage the mobile app marketing wave and increase your business ROI. Our expert developers can create apps for different platforms including iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows.