Data-Driven Social Media Marketing Services in Toronto

Let us manage your social presence while you manage your business. We are G Web Pro, a Toronto based social media marketing agency, responsible for generating convertible social media clicks for more than 100 B2B and B2C businesses in Toronto.

We make sure that you have total control of the messages that get shared across your social media channels. Our marketing approach is not only designed to create, publish and share content on the social networks, but also to respond to questions in an effective manner to grow your follower base. What makes us different is that we count each impression, click and conversion to optimize your marketing budget.

Call us today and have social media become a lead generating machine for your business.


Creating an effective plan for your social media marketing plan is the first step. We analyze all of your existing social media accounts to find out if there are some optimization issues, social media links and feeds are attached to your website, whether your accounts are presentable and if you had already done remarketing using your accounts. Once we are done with the basics, we can determine what you need and design a plan of action to remedy the weaknesses.

Identifying Market Identifying Your Market

Although there many social media platforms, that doesn’t mean being on all of them will be beneficial for your business. You’ll waste valuable time and resources if you don’t optimize your brand promotion strategy. We help you find out where your potential customers spend most of the time online and start the account creation process.

social media account Account Creation

We, being one of the best social marketing companies in Toronto, create optimized social media accounts for businesses that were not previously active on social networks. Your accounts are always monitored so that we can understand the areas of improvement and make the necessary changes to run successful campaigns which target the audience in your niche industry.

Campaign Creation 

Based on your budget, targeted location, audience age group and interest, our social media marketers create campaigns that can run daily, weekly or monthly. You can also suggest to us other things to monitor, such as competitor pages, hashtags, trending topics on social media and more details (like the marital status) of your audience during the campaign development process. Once it is live, we track and pick out the most effective determiners for your campaign.

enaging audienceEngaging Audience

As the campaign starts redirecting visitors to your landing pages, we engage more people using coupons, contests, events etc. We also interact with new visitors in order to gain more new likes. The analysis is also done on the time when your targeted audience stays live, and based on that, we schedule our posts to gain more engagement.

Why Choose Us?

  • We Listen

    As a leading social media marketing and management company in Toronto, we believe that your social media presence should reflect your brand image. To achieve this goal, we invest a lot of time into understanding your requirements. We share our ideas and strategies with our clients to ensure that we are meeting their expectations.

  • We Know What to Do

    We know what works and thus, we focus on creating streamlined social media campaigns by using the latest tools and technology available in the market. Whether you want to attract leads or create traction on social media, our media advertising team is there to help you. What differentiates our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn advertising marketing efforts is that we create an integrated strategy that includes SMM, SEO and inbound marketing to increase overall brand reputation.

  • We Maximize Results

    We know what kind of paid ads work best for particular industries and how to best use them for better performance and increased sales. Our social media experts set up, deploy and optimize your ads so that they fulfil your marketing goals. We also diversify and maximize our marketing efforts in order to achieve integrated inbound marketing campaigns.

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