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5 Not-So-Discussed SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2017

After going through the title you might have thought that this one would be a discussion on the wrong moves made by most of the SEO professionals. But here, you would be disappointed a bit to hear that, the blog is not about the wrong methods of SEO. It’s about the wrong tendencies of most search engine optimizers while promoting a business online.

Check this out guys. You would definitely find some similarities with your traits.


Neglecting the Necessity of Help

When you are completely engaged in building an SEO strategy for the promotion of your website, it becomes difficult for you to understand when you need help. If you are a small entity and have just started growing your business slowly, you are likely to get affected by it. The reason behind such a propensity can be your success. If you had asked for help when needed, your growth would be larger than what you see right now. Therefore, never neglect uncertainties and get your doubts cleared as soon as possible. This is the only reason that influences big brands to take additional SEO assistance.

Going with the Same Strategy

It’s a digital world and nothing is permanent here. Every day new algorithms, technologies, statistics and methods are created and you have to change your strategy regularly to cope with these things single handedly. There was a time when it was easy to optimize the search engines. But with huge number of oncoming businesses causing an excessive spamming, the search engines have restricted a good number of ways, primarily used for the marketing of a website and day by day, things are getting harder. The SEO professional, who is well aware of the current trends, will survive in this rapidly changing digital climate.

Lack of Focus

SEO is a completely unpredictable game. Here, none can guarantee when you will succeed or how good the results will be. If you are new in the field,  ifs and buts will create hurdles. You have to keep your patience and stick to your strategy. If you are going with a particular method, you need to give it some time as shifting into different procedures in a quick span of time can leave a negative impact.

Making an Even Distribution of Your Effort

If you are a Search Engine Optimizer, you have to play with a number of things. There will be link building, blog submissions, on page activities, infographics and PPT creations, keyword analysis, competitor monitoring, social sharing and a lot of other tasks. You have to pay attention to all these tasks, not only to some particular ones. Therefore, it’s better to make a plan beforehand and distribute your efforts equally to every single job.

Answering to Customer Queries

Being deeply engaged in SEO works, people often forget that every single thing in SEO is done for the customers. Your job is not only limited to influencing the search engines. You have to influence the users as well. Therefore, you need to answer the customer queries and build a good relationship with the clients. Moreover, you should keep in mind that customer satisfaction is what the search engines want.  Besides, a happy customer means a good review that improves your authority in every search engine.

Mistake is a part of any task and when it’s about so complex a job like SEO, it’s very natural that you take some wrong steps. What determines your quality is the ability to understand the error and make moves accordingly. Therefore, don’t worry. Stick to the above-discussed suggestions and start minimizing your mistakes.