5 Tools Every Social Media Enthusiasts Should Use in 2017

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The world of social media is so fascinating. It has very skillfully managed a way into our social life and become an important part of it. The impact of the channel is such that the number of social media users is increasing at a rapid pace daily. Even the modern day’s business world is inextricably mingled with it. There’s hardly any brand that doesn’t have a social media presence today.

Everyone’s trying to reach as many people as possible, leaving a mark on the social media platforms. In that way, all of you can righteously be called social media enthusiasts, trying to get it done perfectly. But, don’t you think that adding some speed to the process would boost up your marketing? This is why the social media tools have been introduced today. Ignoring them would do nothing but allowing your competitors to go ahead a step further.

Will you give them the chance? If no, you should have a look at the below-discussed tools that can certainly lead you to new opportunities in 2017.


One of the most used social media tools today is HootSuite. With it, you can manage more than 25 social media platforms that include Facebook, Twitter, G+, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. It comes with a user-friendly dashboard that can be customized as per your requirement. You can have here the stats that you require the most. Moreover, it can also help in scheduling your contents in various platforms. It also enables you to find and track the influencers, keywords and trends in real time along with the conversation maps.

The tool is available both in free and paid version. The free version allows you to manage only five social profiles whereas the paid version gives you control over unlimited profiles along with the enhanced analytics.


The next popular tool is TweetDeck that’s primarily meant for managing Twitter. The tool has been acquired by Twitter in 2011 and is available for free with the twitter account. It opens before you a wide range of opportunities like operating multiple accounts, customization of the dashboard for an easy monitoring of the timelines and alerts, scheduling updates etc.


Buffer is one of those social media tools that gained popularity in a very short time. There are several reasons behind the popularity of the tool. Among them, it’s easy to manage multiple accounts feature is most impressive. With Buffer, it’s really very easy to share contents amongst the team members and make sure that the post is getting maximum reach. It’s power scheduler allows you to fix your intervals, messaging tactics and even the blog posts. The tool also comes with built-in analytics that helps you track your contents easily. Therefore, it’s very easy to monitor your events on a regular basis.


Another tool specifically meant for managing twitter accounts is CoTweet. It’s basically used by the companies that want to track and analyze the tweets in regular intervals. There are a lot of opportunities with the free version of the tool as it helps you to manage your accounts, communicate with various users, keep a track on the clicks, schedule tweets and check the tweet history of 30 days.

Sprout Social:
sprout social

It’s one of the easiest social media tools that come with instructions and tabs everywhere. Getting insights and stats with it are also comparatively easier. The main difference between this one and the other tools available in the market is that it focuses on the communication and engagement between the customers and clients. It also comes with a nice interface that displays the profiles added to your account on the right side. While the left side helps you get an insight of the audience demographics and trends on your account.

These were some great social media tools available in the market today. If you are a social media enthusiast and want to enjoy a huge engagement to your posts without spending much of time, you should start using them right now. Every tool has its own benefits and features. Choose the one that you think is most suitable for you.

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