Created Your Christmas Event on Facebook? Now Let’s Make It Viral

Christmas Event

It’s the 2nd week of December, 2016 and we are just on the threshold of one of the biggest festivals on earth, Christmas. Everyone’s getting ready and so does the event organizers to ensure that all the preparations don’t go in vain. And when it’s about Christmas event, you must have some considerations about Facebook.

Facebook was born in 2004. Though the initial years were a bit difficult for the social media channel, it didn’t take much time to find the path from cyber cafes to the bedrooms and become the blue eyed boy of more than one billion people. Thus, no matter what you are trying to market or promote, Facebook can certainly add a new dimension to your aspire.

But wait. Don’t get it done as you did in previous years, ending with just a few likes and shares. Let’s do something special so that all the hard work you are going to invest for the promotion of your event doesn’t remain only in your own memory. Let’s place it in the memoirs of Facebook. Let’s make it viral.

Turn over Even the Last Leaf of the Optimization Chapter

Creating an event on Facebook is not any kind of rocket science. Anyone, with some basic knowledge on computers can do it. What matters is the optimization that’s solely responsible for getting you ahead in the race. It requires both expertise and knowledge to optimize an event as per requirements.

Uploading a high-quality image with 1920×1080 pixels, sharing your event with the people in your contact list and updating your posts on a regular basis are some basic steps to optimize your event. But, if you are to make your event viral in a short span of time, you need to dig deeper.


  • Give a Title that Looks Great: As Facebook event team reports, it’s better to use a short name for your event rather than a longer one that contains all the information about it. The most probable reason behind it is that near about 54% users access Facebook from their mobiles and longer titles don’t look good on small devices.


  • Make Your “Exact Details” More Accurate: Facebook has its own algorithm that recommends events to the users depending on particular factors. Therefore, it’s important to provide correct and adequate details, most importantly the date, time and the place. Apart from that, selecting an exact category for your event is a highly important factor to get it properly marketed. You can choose from some popular categories like “conference”, “concert” and “festival”. Last but not the least; you must add related tags so that your event can be spotted effortlessly by people who are going to use those tags. Some most searched tags are “media”, “technology” etc.

Exact Details

  • Think beyond sending notifications: It’s very natural that you would notify people about your event to grow engagement. But there should be some kind of restriction. Doing it more often can leave a negative impact on your event promotion. Facebook’s own research says that sending notifications regularly causes user disengagement. In most cases, they would turn off notifications out of annoyance. Therefore, you should also think about emails and messages to market your event on Facebook.

Create a Company Page

Events will come and go; then after a period of time, they will become irrelevant. But if you create a company page, it will be relevant for a long time and would help you promote several other events. This is why you should create and utilize an event page to promote the upcoming programs.

  • Be sharp to catch the attention of the users: But the creation of the company page won’t do the work singlehandedly. You have to do some more to get your event properly marketed. And these additional tasks demand some extra attention. The company page has a column with various tabs on the left side. There you can find the default tabs, namely “home”, “posts”, “photos”, “videos”, “about” and “likes”. To highlight your event, you have to add a tab, named “event” here.
    To do this, you need to go to “settings” and then to the “edit page”. After that you have to turn off the default tab setting and add a tab for your event. You can also move the tab to the top of the page so that your event can get more exposure

Company Page

  • Target and get them interested: Now you have the place to give all kinds of information regarding the event to the users. It can certainly be fun for those who are following your company page to get all sorts of details regarding the event. You are also able to select preferred audience that would help you market in a specific region or amongst a particular group of people.

Targeted Audience

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Share Contents

  • Make Existing Attendees the Catalysts: Users who have already signed up for your event are definitely excited about it. Now your job is to get them involved somehow to engage more people. You can share some engaging contents that they can circulate among their other friends, ending with some more pageviews, likes, shares and comments for your event.
  • Go Live with Facebook Live Video: One of the most popular marketing trends today is the use of Facebook Live. It’s a fact that videos are being more and more hallowed day by day. Unarguably, when it’s a live video, it yields more user engagement as it’s a natural tendency of people to interact more when anything on-spot and real-time. Therefore, you can be certain of the fact that the feature can bring you into the limelight very quickly.

Build Strategy for Multiple Channels

Most of the active users are connected with various other social media channels and often check into other platforms to verify the authenticity of the event that’s created on Facebook. Therefore, to promote your event in the best way possible, it’s beneficial to go for a multi-channel strategy to get potential users engaged. An effective way is to share same contents on different channels like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc at the same time.

There you are with some unique ways to promote your event on this Christmas and create a lot of buzz in the social world. Better them with your own instincts and creative ideas and make the program a huge success.


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