Want Your New Website to Rank within a Month? Here are the Tricks Performed by Top SEO Companies.

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Rank New Website

Acquiring a good position in the SERPs for a new website isn’t an easy task. The artificial intelligence used by Google and similar search engines is constantly getting smarter and more discerning. If you’re new in the market, then you’ll have to earn the trust of search engines which requires significant effort. You need to have a smart interface, regular blog posts, business listing submissions, social shares, keyword optimization and most importantly, you need a strategy to get backlinks from trusted and niche sources. Here is the best practice strategies used by the top SEO companies.

Use Keywords with Low and Medium Search Volume

Phrases that include one or two words are generally the most searched keywords. Getting ranked for such these keywords won’t be easy if you’re new due to competition from bigger companies for the same position. Instead, look to for the long phrase keywords that include three or more words and that don’t have as much competition. For example, “Toronto SEO” is a keyword with high search volume and high competition. Meanwhile, “Professional SEO Services in Toronto” is a medium search volume keyword with much less completion. Therefore, by using “Professional SEO Services in Toronto” you will not only get your website ranked quicker, but it’ll also get a boost to rank higher with the keyword “SEO Toronto”, as both the words SEO and Toronto are there in “Professional SEO Services in Toronto”.

Use Keyword Modifiers

If you’re facing difficulties ranking with the low and medium search volume keywords, then considering adding a keyword modifier. For example, if you are unable to get a good rank with “Professional SEO Services in Toronto”, you can use “Quality SEO Services in Toronto” or “Best SEO Services in Toronto”.  With this method, your website can get clicks and impressions for all those semantic keywords and also provide the chance to be shown in related search queries.

Stay Away from Money Keywords

For a new business, getting leads by targeting money keywords is tough as various other companies have been targeting the same keywords for years. Thus, the best way to get leads for a new business is to learn what information about your industry the targeted customers are searching for and build content specifically for that. Do search for “how to” keywords that you can use for content creation.

Buy Traffic

Above all, the ranking of your website depends heavily on the amount of traffic. Getting a lot of users organically for a new website is possible only when you post content on trending topics. To get a good number of regular hits on your website, you need to buy traffic. There are various sources that sell visits. But the most trusted source of all is Google. Therefore, you can run PPC campaigns for a month and buy some traffic so that search engines can rank you higher.

Try out these methods and get your site ranked within a month. Goodluck!

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