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  • Boost online presence with higher rankings
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Search Engine Marketing Service Toronto

Be on Google, Yahoo and Bing search results. Display videos, images and animations on the vast content network of Google, Yahoo and Bing. In addition, the ability to target ads based on location, demographics, language, interests, as well as other factors, creates numerous opportunities for businesses.

G Web Pro employs a team of highly skilled individuals who specialize in search engine marketing. Our team of experts are all qualified by Google, Yahoo and Microsoft to assure our clients receive the maximum return on investment. Our strategy focuses on a very dynamic process which we have perfected over time.

We create targeted and effective advertising campaigns featuring the products/services of your business to ensure you receive clicks by users who are most likely to convert. In addition, we create enticing ads which are highly relevant and attract customers to visit your site.

We don’t believe in a one size fits all strategy, thus we build tailored campaigns for each our clients. A thorough analysis of your business and competitors is done to carefully execute search engine marketing initiatives. G Web Pro has implemented a strategically proven process which is designed to optimize SEM campaigns. This strategy has been put in place to ensure our clients receive the greatest quality in service while delivering exceptional results.

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Our SEM Process:

Phase 1: Business Analysis

A detailed analysis is conducted to understand your business and it objectives. We want to learn all about the services/products you offer and the costs and profits associated with them. This will allow us to determine which keywords to incorporate in your campaign and also to determine how much each click is potentially worth for your business.

In addition we want to understand your expectations from search engine marketing. Is your company interested in branding, increasing traffic to your website, increasing sign-ups for registrations and/or increasing sales?

Phase 2: Keyword Development

After getting to know more about your business and your SEM objectives, we will create an extensive keyword list. Also, we would like to get an understanding of some keywords you prefer. These keywords will be tested to identify your competitors. We will further analyze these keywords to determine the estimated traffic, impressions, clicks and the average cost per click. Taking into consideration your budget, we will implement a keyword list to assure a wide coverage of keywords related to your products/services.

Your keyword list is constantly being refined for the highest return on investment. We may add, modify or delete keywords from this list at any point in the best interest of our clients. In addition, G Web Pro incorporates multivariate/split testing to determine which combinations of keywords, ads, layout, and calls to action provide the highest conversions.

Phase 3: Website Optimization

In this phase, we may need to make changes to your website such as improving your content to make it relevant, informative and easy to navigate. These factors increase your quality score while lowering your cost per click, thus giving your website a higher ranking.

We optimize your website and landing page to make sure that the clicks you receive result in conversions. We don’t want potential customers to see your ads, click on it, and exit your site without converting. G Web Pro increases the ability for your website to attract targeted buyers who click on your ads and convert while on your site.

Phase 4: Ad Development

This phase is often overlooked by some search engine marketing companies. In addition to the keywords, targeted and well written ads will entice viewers to click on your ad and visit your website.

To ensure quality clicks which are likely to lead to conversions, G Web Pro creates appealing and relevant ads. Our team is familiar with the advertising policies associated with each search engine in regards to SEM, this allows us to implement effective and compliant ads. All ads are completely reviewed and pass through our internal verification method to reassure they do not violate any policies.

Phase 5: Campaign Launch

It’s time to implement our analysis and put your best marketing initiative into action. Phone directories, flyers and other traditional marketing methods don’t come close to delivering you the measured results search engine marketing is capable of. Before we launch your campaign, all keywords, landing pages and ads are verified to ensure they are correct. Believe it or not, much more work has still yet to come in the final phase.

Phase 6: Post Launch Optimization and Review

Some businesses think that they can implement a SEM campaign themselves. These businesses don’t understand the extent of knowledge, time, and effort required to execute a successful and optimized search engine marketing campaign. We at G Web Pro are constantly optimizing and refining your ad campaigns to make sure your results are constantly improving. Search engine marketing is a very large and complex topic and G Web Pro strives to stay on top of all the changes in this ever expanding field. Our experience and knowledge allows us to build campaigns which will increase your quality score and click though rate. This will not only bring you more business, but it will decrease your cost per click and hence, free up some of your budget to increase your keywords coverage.

Furthermore, G Web Pro also enables web analytics, monthly reports, conversion tracking and conversion optimization to refine your campaigns and lower your cost per acquisition.

Some of the following questions are considered in this phase:

  • How can we further increase your return on investment?
  • Are the clicks leading to conversions?
  • Which pages on the website do visitors stay the longest and the shortest?
  • Which pages on the website have the highest bounce rates and what optimization techniques will combat this?

Our team at G Web Pro are online marketing experts and we deliver maximum results for your campaign. We don’t just work to give you first page exposure, our goal is to DRIVE RESULTS!

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