Rich Cards – The Latest Way To Leave More Visual Impact On The Viewers

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Are you the one who wants to stand out differently in the huge gathering of the SERPs? Are you one among those who always look for the new ways to get the attention of the users? Then, rich cards are the ultimate solution for you. It is one of the latest features released by Google creating a lot of buzz, especially among those who are more willing to target mobile users.

How Rich Cards Will Benefit You:

    • The extension of Google snippets, rich cards offer higher resolution images when website’s listing is shown in the SERPs. It is meant for improving end user’s experience so that more and more traffic can be generated.If you are one among those who have been trying to impress your visitors from a long period of time but haven’t got fruitful results, this is the time to make the most of your efforts. You might be happy knowing that this feature not only attracts visitors towards your website, but also helps users find specific results.
  • Today, it is a fact that, people are more prone to access the web from their mobile devices rather than sitting in front of desktops and laptops. Thus, publishers are getting interested in providing users an ease while they search from their cell phones.To get your website easily accessed from mobiles, you have no alternative other than this feature. When seen from mobile devices, your website is shown with high-quality images in a horizontally movable carousel. With this carousel, the users are allowed to scroll left, right and upwards. The carousels may contain cards of the same website or of various sites.
  • With the new rich results, you will be able to track the performance of both the rich cards and rich snippets. You will also come to know about the clicks and impressions.

Google’s Recommendations:

Eager to implement this fantastic feature but, you don’t have enough idea, do you? Not to worry. Google has come up with a few recommendations regarding the use of rich cards that will definitely benefit you.

    • It has been strongly suggested by Google to use JSON-LD (Javascript Object Notation for Linked Data) while implementing the feature.
    • Choose the parts that require markup. Some additional parts have also been enlisted by Google that can improve user’s rich cards.
    • Have a look at the preview in the tool that is meant for checking structured data. Notice how the rich card appears in search and find the ways of improvement.
    • You should also check the errors using the structured data testing tool.
    • You can develop different rich cards for different items. Check how many of them have been indexed by Google.
    • The sitemap should be used as it will inform Google about your contents that are marked up.
    • Check the rich card reports regularly to find out which cards can be improved by marking up the additional fields.

Guide to Make Attractive Rich Cards:

If properly developed, the intense look of the rich cards will certainly help you gain more clicks. Here are few suggestions to make attractive rich cards.

      • Rich cards look well when combined with high-quality images. Therefore, use your best images to attract the viewers.
      • It is true that rich cards have a focus on the images but it doesn’t mean that you can overlook the content. Google still follows the rule of showing the most trustworthy content. Use of great information keeps you armoured for those visitors who look forward to enlightening themselves on the products and services provided by you.
      • Google’s old rule of preferring the source with good reviews hasn’t changed yet as reviews are powerful indicators. Thus, ensure you have some good ones.
      • Another important factor you need to keep in mind is that you should use schema markup data perfectly. Fill all the required fields.

At present rich cards is meant for showing movies and recipes. Initially, they will be found in the mobile search results in English for Therefore, if you want to have a rich preview of the content of your movie or recipe site, then go for rich cards; waste no time. You will surely feel the difference and earn more visitors with the new visual format.

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