Google to Bring out a New Search Console in 2018

This post was last updated on February 9th, 2018 at 07:43 am

Google to Bring out a New Search Console in 2018

Google has announced on January 8th, that it will come up with a new Search Console. Only authorized users of Google Search Console will be allowed to access the features that the search engine giant has to offer. According to Google, the new search console reports add more transparency to Google’s indexing and help webmasters to take quick actions to issues related to their websites. Google has also said that users will be able to access both accounts until the integration of the new features is complete.

Let’s find what’s new the search console has to offer.

Search Performance Report

Aside from being similar to the Google Analytics data, the new search performance report gives 16 months data that shows the clicks, impressions, click-through rates and average position of particular pages. With it, you can also filter the web, image or video search results and segment data by query, page, country or the type of device.

Index Coverage Report

Similar to the present index status report, the new index coverage report shows how Google is indexing a site. You are now able to find out how many URLs of your website have already been indexed by Google and how many URLs have issues with indexing. It also shows you the reason why Google is unable to index the URLs. You are also able to resubmit the URLs just by clicking on them. Apart from this, It  allows you to export the data.

AMP Status Report

This is another extraordinary feature of the newly built Google Search Console. It shows the URLs with issues, diagnoses them, shows the ways to fix the issues and declares when an AMP URL is valid. Google has also announced that after the issues get resolved, it will recrawl the affected URLs with more priority.

Job Posting Report

It’s meant for the users who post job listings on their websites. With it, people can now check the reports of new job posts. It also shows all kinds of indexing issues and the ways to solve them.

Google is looking forward to bringing in exciting features this year so that marketing approaches can be more data-centric. These changes will help webmasters to acquire deeper insight into customer behaviour.

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