Facebook Wants Entertainment- This Is What the Viral Blogs Suggest

This post was last updated on April 5th, 2017 at 02:49 am

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is an extremely popular social media platform across the globe. Therefore, when you want the fastest routes to reach the heart of Google, Facebook Marketing is the way to go. There are a good number of blogs that go viral here every day and it becomes the key reason behind their digital success. And being a blogger, you would definitely want to learn the ways that make them popular.

Well, Facebook wants entertainment and whatever is able to deliver it will be viral overnight. Obviously, there are people who write blogs to get social, promote businesses and express themselves, but to be contagious, the base of the content needs to be built with the bricks of entertainment. Let’s check out the ways to entertain people through your blogs.

Upload Big Images

Stats suggest that Facebook posts with images get 120% more engagement than the posts without images. But, you are not done only by including images to your post. It’s better if you can show some creativity through your images. It would certainly create some interest among the users. You should be careful that the pictures are prominent. The easiest way to get it right is to upload big images.

Make Regular Updates

While posting your blog, don’t forget to describe what it is meant for. Your job is not finished only by writing a few lines while posting for the first time. You have to update your post regularly and that can be done by simply changing the description. Writing witty descriptions is a great way to attract people towards your post. All you have to care about is to keep the description within 140 characters so that it can be read at the very first glance. Don’t forget that a good number of people are viewing your post from mobiles and it would be difficult for them to read if there’s a huge description attached with your post.

Include Quotations from Your Blog

To grow interest of your viewers, you can add a quotation from your blog that would give a taste of the content. This is a very effective way to create your own signature. If a user shares the quote, and gets likes, it means other users are aware of the post and it often comes into discussions. You should select the quotes carefully. Look for a sentence that is short and gives a hint on what the blog is about. Pick an excerpt or quote that can invoke controversy or suspense. It would generate more clicks on your post.

Ask Questions

Asking questions is always a great way to increase user engagement and click-through actions. Ask witty questions so that your readers find it’s worthy to answer. You also need to keep it simple to allow users participate in your post.

Attach Videos or Images to Your Blog

Including videos and images to your blog is another useful way to entertain users. They can certainly show the essence of your blog to your readers. Moreover, you can generate shares and likes if it’s a highly entertaining video.

Keep Your Post Clear

Last but not the least, you should try and keep your post as clear as possible. Abstain from unnecessary links and images; these can make your post messy.

There you are with some easy methods to make your Facebook post viral. Just try them and watch the hike in your blog traffic almost immediately.

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