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Gwebpro Store Locator Wordpress Plugin

  • Finding locations can be a real challenge. Not anymore. Introducing G Web Pro Store Locator– a unique location finder system that allows you to map and manage multiple physical locations with ease. Just add [GwebproStoreLocator] to your page and the plugin gets integrated to your Wordpress page.






  • PHP 5.2.4+ (same as WordPress 3.3.2)
  • WordPress: 3.3.2+

Main Plugin

  • Search for "Gwebpro Store Locator" via Plugins/Add New on your WordPress admin panel.
  • Click Install.
  • Add your locations through the "Add Store" page in the GwebproStoreLocator admin panel.
  • Create or edit a page and add the [GwebproStoreLocator] short code.

Key features

  • Use it to add both stores as well as store categories.
  • Flexibility to add your store address and store location in the map, at the time of adding a store.
  • It auto populates a list of suggestions when adding your city, state, country.
  • Set map height, width and no of stores to be displayed on one page. Specify or limit the radius for search from visitor’s current location.
  • Display your store in the front end by adding [GwebproStoreLocator] short code.
  • Displays nearest stores automatically against visitor’s current location (within a specified radius) from the admin.
  • Chang your location by entering city, place or zip in the Change location field. Users receive a list of suggestions that populates automatically.
  • Displays the current position of the user and store locations with different coloured pins to easily understand store locations.
  • Flexibility to drag and change visitor’s current location by dragging and dropping visitor’s current location pin. Users can easily change their location and search stores accordingly.
  • Clicking the store pins shows the store address followed by the direction and distance to navigate easily.
  • Search for stores from the lists of stores by inserting any related keyword.

For any kind of additional support, please drop us a mail at







Version Release Date Action
v1.0.0 August 6, 2013 [ Download ]
v1.0.1 August 21, 2013 [ Download ]
v1.0.2 October 04, 2013 [ Download ]
v1.0.3 January 30, 2014 [ Download ]