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5 Tools You Should Check Out To Get Your App Optimized


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It is important for any business to be marketed in a proper way. This is true even for the app development industry. The only thing that differs from traditional marketing here is the way it is done. As you are in the digital platform, you need to be well aware of the digital ways to present your business before the world.

To market your app in the app stores and get it sold, you should have a profound knowledge of ASO (App Store Optimization). It is a great way to get more organic app store search traffic. Similar to SEO for search engines, ASO is a well-recognized service that helps developers to make their apps visible on top of the search results and thereby increasing the number of downloads.

To make your app noticeable in the app store, you can use several tools that are available in the market. In this write-up, you will get a brief description on the top 5 tools that help to do ASO.

Sensor Tower:

Sensor Tower is one of the best ASO tools available in the market. It has been proved beneficial to various reputed companies and this is why it has gained much popularity in the field. Its features are listed below:

1. If you want to track the rankings of different apps, you can do that with this app. Even if there is any change in those rankings, you will be notified as soon as possible.

2. With it, you can get the progress report of your app and can have a complete list of featured apps.

3. It will give you CSV reports that can be downloaded and shared. You can also analyze the data it contains.

4. The tool also allows you to track the performance of different keywords. This will enable you to compare your app with its nearest competitors.

5. It helps to improve the efficiency of individual keywords that include only 100 characters.

Search Man:

Search man is amongst the oldest ASO tools. It came into existence in 2012 and has managed a separate stature in the industry. It basically helps developers chase the rankings, build keywords and thereby increase the visibility of the app. It includes some big names like Yahoo, Crowdstar, Friendster and Rakuten in the resource team. It comes with:

1. The search track facility with both iOS and Android apps in regular intervals.

2. The data-driven-keyword suggestions that enables the app to have a long life. Besides, it will increase the popularity of the stored keywords that makes your app more noticeable.

3. The SEO support facility that helps your app to have better search rankings. It will also increase the number of downloads.


It is a leading organic app marketing platform that has been in the field from 2009. It provides iOS tracking in all regions and Google Play tracking in the USA, UK, Japan, Australia, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Sweden, France and Canada.

1. It provides all important data that are required to have a better optimization of your app.

2. It helps to display your app in a noticeable way with easy to comprehend graphs.

3. It will help you to have at least 20% increase in downloads.

4. It comes with the free for ever plan. You can also have the 30-day trial with it.


It is basically a website platform that allows developers track and analyze their app revenues. Because of its lots of benefits, various well-known brands are listed on the website. The advantages that you will get from the tool are listed below:

1. The best part of Mopapp is that with it, the developers can access the real-time intelligence via a single dashboard that provides a customized report, reviews lists and comparison charts.

2. With this information, you can build new marketing strategies so that the ratings and downloads can be improved.

3. The dashboard gives you mobile analytics at a glance. You can also track the revenue generated by your app.


Though Eyso is a newly launched tool in the market, due to its useful features, it has been placed in the first row and it continues to gain more popularity in the field. Apart from providing a platform for ASO, it also comes with the feature that allows you to comprehend the weaker side of the app. It also comes with beneficial optimization techniques. It includes:

1. A growth strategy that helps to increase the visibility of your app with the help of diagnosis algorithm.

2. A content lab that is a diagnosis tool to help you optimize your app.

3. An SEO shop that includes expert designers and SEO specialists to develop the contents for you.

4. An app timeline that allows you to keep a vigil on updates and metadata changes.

Since the inception of the mobile app, it has gained a huge popularity in the digital market. It has been calculated that 1000+ new apps come into the market daily. Thus, there is a highly competitive market waiting for you and to survive in it, you need to take the help of ASO tools. Therefore, think deeply and choose wisely to make the most of it.