Why WooCommerce Is Best for a Start-Up Online Store?

It created a huge buzz when Amazon declared on 13 July, 2016 that the product search engine had its biggest sales ever. On the self-created holiday, the worldwide orders of the eCommerce store increased to 60%. The eCommerce industry has left a great impact worldwide and has also influenced Canada’s business structure a lot. Last year, a report of CBC showed that 76% of Canadians went for online shopping in 2014.

All these stats speak for themselves and it’s quite natural that they would enkindle an interest in your heart to go online whether you are an existing business owner or going to start a new venture. But there are a good number of differences between a physical store and a virtual one. When it comes to eCommerce industry, you have to think about your sales process, control for developers and administrators and most importantly, a great customer experience along with your store’s inventory, development and designing options.

This is where the plugins come to play their parts. Most of the websites today are developed using WordPress and thus, it is quite natural that WooCommerce is a favorite one. Though launched in September 2011, the plugin has 1.6 million downloads across the world. Besides its popularity, there are a good number of reasons behind its popularity. Here’s an overview of some of its features.

  1. Flexibility:

    This is certainly one of the biggest benefits of the plugin and thus, is easy for the newcomers to handle. It allows a lot of flexibility with the products even if you don’t know much about technicalities. With it, you can categorize products with the sales price and independent attributes. Besides, you can sell physical, virtual, affiliate and downloadable products from a WooCommerce

  1. Numerous Customization Options:

    In spite of being free, WooCommerce isn’t a rigid platform. There are a lot of options to customize your store so that it can gain the stature of uniqueness. It comes with 39 different free themes that can be availed via WooThemes Store. Once you are done with the theme selection, you can work on CSS styles, color themes and experiment with various special features.

  1. Professionalism Mingled with Simplicity:

    WooCommerce offers a free, user-friendly site. It doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on professional grounds. It provides a platform with detailed order tracking and customer engagement tools that enable you to have an idea about the past and present orders, to announce discounts and update delivery statuses. Apart from this, you have tax settings, shipping options, coupon codes and everything required to have a professional appearance.

  1. Ease with Analytics:

    One of the most necessary tools used by any website owner is the analytics tool. With WooCommerce, you are going to have a free tool that provides a clear idea about the website stats. With it, you can be aware of total sales, sales by date, individual customer report, average orders. Relevant information is clearly represented via graphs.

  1. Extensions:

    When it comes to additional features, WooCommerce doesn’t disappoint you. There are a lot of extensions available here, most of which are free of cost. Among these extensions, you can find applications related to accounts, payment gateways, reporting, marketing and more.

No matter if you have just basic knowledge about an online store and digital world, these features of WooCommerce won’t let you appear like an entrepreneur. Therefore, there are strong reasons that you should go for a WooCommerce store – an epitome of both professionalism and user-friendliness.