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Web Design Questionnaire

We’re very excited to work with you on your website. This document is a starter questionnaire for us to understand your brand, target market, competition, functions of website and more. The more we understand about your business, the better we can create the best possible design.

Contact Name:
Business Name:
Business Address:
Business Email:
Business Phone Number
Business Fax:

Briefly describe your company and its products/services?
Please briefly describe the purpose of your website? What are the goals for your website?
Describe the demographics of the visitors who will be visiting your website? Who will be your primary target market?
Do you have an existing logo or is G Web Pro making your logo?
(Note: We don’t begin a design mockup until a logo is received. If you have a logo, please attach it in a transparent high resolution format such as eps, png, or tiff)
Please list 5 websites that you find attractive and describe why you like them. Order them from most favourite to least favourite.
Please list 5 local or national competitors in your industry? (Provide names and website URL’s)
What type of image do you want your website to portray? When thinking about your company, what images comes to mind?
Do you have a specific style in mind for your website?
What is your preferred navigation structure? Any special requests?
(NOTE: Navigation structure refers to the pages that will be available to users from the main navigation menu. For example, Home, About Us, Services, Gallery, News, Etc. Also list any sub-categories for your products/services or a reference website that is similar.)
Do you have any special requests for photos or graphics on the home page?
Do you have content written for your website? What special content should be present on your home page?
(NOTE: Special Content refers to the individualized sections that a home page is often broken into. For example, a web design company may have sections for Company News, Industry News, Testimonials, Our Team, etc.)
Please provide the text for the welcome section of your home page.
(NOTE: It’s best to supply the home page text before designs are initiated. The designers can then work around the text and know how much space it will require on the home page. If you don’t have the content ready, try to provide a rough estimate on the number of characters.
Describe in detail any particular features or function for your website? What will clients be able to do and see on certain pages? Do you have any specific requirements for each function?
(For example. There should be a gallery for each project or be able to zoom in and out of each image.)
Any other comments or requests?