Twitter All Set to Change Their 140 Character Limit

This post was last updated on April 5th, 2017 at 04:37 am

Micro blogging major, Twitter is all set to let go of its decade old character limit of 140. The new limit would go up to 10,000 characters for wider reach and more appeal. By doing this they hope to step up to the freedom offered by Facebook and other social forums.

A recent report from technology news site Re/Code said that Twitter is exploring an increase on its text limit. CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey was quick to respond in a tweet that change was coming along with a text screenshot that had 1,325 characters. The new feature is in testing phase as official sources declined to comment on a launch date. This is a major change because the 140-character limit has been the most unique feature for the micro-blogging site.


“We didn’t start Twitter with a 140-character restriction. We added that early on to fit into a single SMS message (160 characters). It’s become a beautiful constraint, and I love it! It inspires creativity and brevity. And a sense of speed. We will never lose that feeling,” said Jack Dorsey in a tweet from his personal account. Some reports suggest that Twitter will display only 140 characters of a post and a user will have to tap to view more to maintain brevity. Users will hopefully be able include links, photos, poll questions and hashtags in their tweets. Developers are expected to get the details in time to update their apps in sync with the longer tweets before the final roll out.

Expanded tweets could also give rise to spamming issues and Twitter is also working on how to deal with this potential threat. They are also exploring various ideas solely to improve user experience and increase user base. The company has embraced change to modify one of its basic features. This is a sign that it is all set to attract audiences with an updated yet friendlier interface.

After initial growth, Twitter slowed down in the last 1.5 years trying to keep pace with Facebook and its 1.5 billion user base. With this new change, the micro-blogging is aiming for a bigger audience and increased advertising profits. We look forward to this modification that shall reintroduce an all new Twitter in the digital marketing world.

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