How to Build an Effective Social Media Strategy?

Social Media Marketing

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It is a widely admitted fact today that, social media plays an important role to gain more traffic for your business. All you need to do is to learn the proper methods and spend some time to observe the campaign. If you choose the right way, it would not take a long time to get thousands of visitors. Some beneficial ways to market your brand through social media are discussed here.

Have an Insight into Visitors’ Minds

To get visits, you need to ensure who your targeted customers are and why they use social media. It is the foundation of any social media strategy. To build the foundation, you need to use the demographics and psychographics.

  • Demographics is a great source of useful statistics including location, age, education level, ethnicity, number of children, religion, marital status etc. You may not require all the For instance, you needn’t know the marital status of a person unless you cater only married people. You can determine the demographics even if you don’t have a website. You can check out the statistics of similar sites like yours and use them for your analysis.
  • Psychographics helps you know how the content should be created and what products your targeted audience want. It also helps you understand the lifestyle of the customers. It is one of the most essential parts of social media strategy as it will help you achieve positive results in future.

Follow a Subreddit Search

It is helpful to have a subreddit search. It will help you know your niche. No matter, which community you belong to, you will definitely have a subreddit. After this, all you need to do is to go through the questions. You will find same questions and answers repeated times. From this, you will come to know what people are interested in. Apart from this, you have the top filter that would make you aware of the popular posts.


Forums are the places where you can also find targeted visitors. While looking for visitors in the forums, you need to be conscious of the fact that you come into contact with interested visitors.

Keep an Eye on Your Competitors

It is important to keep a vigil on your competitors. Reports showed that Facebook is the most important platform to look at to know what your competitors are doing. Twitter and Google Plus are also amongst the useful platforms to get updates.

Create Contents

Now as you are aware of the targeted readers and picked your platforms, it is time to use them properly. To do this, you need to develop engaging contents and share them on the platforms on a regular basis. This is what is most required to increase your presence. The fact you should keep in mind is that you must be consistent yet unique while doing this. If you share contents regularly for a few weeks and then suddenly stop, it will not be worth the labour. You should be constantly active on social media to tap more of your targeted customers and spread your business. You should automate Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest with buffer.

Building a Content Strategy  

You should have an effective content strategy to have fast results. The most necessary task is to add blog posts, videos, infographics, quick tips and pictures to your content repository. Creation of the contents should be done on the basis of your targeted audience and your preferred channels. It is also very useful to share contents created by others. There is no specific rule for the sharing of non-promotional contents; just be informative and authentic.

Using Your Content

You are not done here. You have to know how to use your content to the fullest. For this, you should be conscious about sharing your contents. The following steps would help you earn the trust of the readers.

  • Twitter: Maximum three posts in a day.
  • Facebook: Maximum 2 posts per day.
  • LinkedIn: 20 posts in a month. It will allow you to reach at least 60% audience.
  • Google Plus: 3 posts in a day will be enough.
  • Instagram: At least two times in a day. You can also increase the number of posts.
  • Blogging: Minimum two blogs in a day. With more blog posting, you can have more visitors.

You also need to ensure a thorough analysis to determine your method is working. It will tell you whether you need more or less posting.

Gaining More Traffic

It is a lengthy process to create new contents. Thus, you need to share old posts as well as new contents to get most of the efforts. But you have to keep in mind that it is not beneficial to share the same post again and again in a day. For old posts, you need to use new descriptions every time you share them. Asking visitors to share your post is also very effective in reaching the immediate outer circle.

Increasing the Number of Followers                                                                                              

The best way to bring followers is to follow individuals. Don’t try to get fake followers; as they can’t help to share. With the increase in the number of followers, you can reduce following individuals. As the contents get exposure, you will start getting followers.

Build a Social Media Calendar

One basic requirement of social media marketing is time management. Whatever the strategy is, break it into small objectives. This will help you to track and improve your task with the passage of time.

Using Social Media Management Tools

When it comes to social media marketing, you have several tools to smoothen the process. Most of the marketers today depend hugely on these tools as they are able to measure your efforts. They are also functional in notifying you about the schedule of posts.

If you want to increase your presence on the social media platforms, you should build a solid strategy that includes all the above-mentioned ways. You should also have a perfect contest-ready plan for execution. For more information, continue to surf the Internet.

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