This post was last updated on February 11th, 2015 at 12:51 am

Experience the Blackberry Difference

With 85 million monthly users and counting, Blackberry has successfully managed to sustain the popularity it had gained after its launch. Consumers and businesses alike use the Blackberry OS to fulfill various needs every day and with the security and user friendly features that it offers, the numbers don’t look like they are about to climb down the charts very soon. Every business that aims for growth has begun to integrate Blackberry applications in its customer pursuance programs.

At G Web Pro we actively support your holistic approach towards capturing your customer’s imagination by providing integrated Blackberry application development services. A team of skilled developers with business knowledge, technical knowhow and a whole lot of creativity can design, develop, test and launch your customized app with an aim to adding value to your business.

Our Expertise

As a team of seasoned Blackberry application developers, we offer you integral services that cater to all your business needs – Branding, Customer Service, CRM, ERP, Lead Generation, ROIs and more.

  • Customized applications: With years of combined experience in developing apps for different products, we create customer friendly, easy to use applications for different Blackberry devices like Blackberry Pearl, Blackberry Curve, etc.
  • Technology Expertise: Our technical knowhow of various enterprise servers of Blackberry OS gives us an edge in creating excellent applications for your external and internal customers. Expert G Web Pro designers use Blackberry runtime APIs, BB Widget SKD and various other technologies to create effective applications that work towards attaining customer attention and loyalty.
  • App for BB Playbook: Our holistic approach towards creating the most effective BB apps for your business includes solutions for your customers’ Blackberry tablets with advanced features. Our comprehensive knowledge and expertise in the QNX Neutrino RTOS enables us to develop powerful apps for the BB Playbook, creating everlasting impressions on your users.
  • Optimization of Blackberry with other OS: BB games, CRM applications, B2C apps, multimedia apps, ERP – we provide the whole package, just like other Blackberry application developers. The edge, however, lies in our expertise in facilitating the perfect migration process of J2ME applications to Blackberry. If you want, we will perform the process the other way round too.

What’s so different about us?

Engage your users, employees and business partners with the integrated solutions we provide for the efficient Blackberry OS. Our expertise lies in bringing together applications from various mobile operating systems and integrating them for your Blackberry OS users, apart from creating fresh new BB app solutions.

Our design and development team competently analyses, ideates, creates and designs beautiful Blackberry apps for your business needs after listening to your requirement. Your involvement is important in every step of the creation process and we will consult with you throughout the project so you know exactly how the end product will look like.

Your satisfaction is our only aim and with our expert technical knowhow, we will meet and exceed your expectations. Every time.

At G Web Pro, the difference is in the experience.