Website Analysis for SEO

SEO Process
Website analysis forms the foundation of SEO implementation. This involves a thorough research and scrutiny of every aspect of a website so that the flaws can be found out and dealt in an effective manner. Since there are many parameters that mark the success of a website on search engines, it is vital that the website scores equally well on all of them for a synergic effect. A success formula can only be put together after this exercise.

Check Domain Age

It is important to know the age of the business for effective SEO techniques. Knowledge of domain age is crucial because longer the business exists, the more value it garners in search engines attributed to genuine existence and performance. Also finding out the age of business or the duration for which it has existed is crucial for successful SEO. Different techniques apply for new businesses and for those that are already established. The older the business, the more effective and successful will SEO be because it by now achieved a reputation. Assessing the age of the business helps our experts to understand where your business stands and how it can be taken up from there.

Check Broken Links

Broken links are a common occurrence in websites but is very damaging for SEO. Our preliminary study of a particular website includes checking of every link and finding out the broken ones. Broken links usually lead to 404 error page while the live URLs lead to significant pages with content inside. After figuring out the broken links, we mend them by redirecting the URL to the home page or relevant pages.

Website Navigation

Every website has a navigation menu which is perhaps the most crucial part. While checking out a website, we examine the working of header and footer panels, sidebars as a part of our initial scrutiny. Whether the links in navigation lead to important pages or not also forms a part of our study, helping us to direct our SEO efforts to that direction. Some links may be active while some could be broken. We redirect the URLs of broken links to the home page till such time new pages with helpful content is added to the website.

It is important to include important keywords in the links that are directed from this menu. This will lead to significant pages which have useful information. This has additional SEO impact.

Google Indexing

This primarily includes analyzing and solving Google indexing issues. The first step here is to check whether all the important URLs in a site have been indexed by Google Crawler that automatically finds and scans websites by following links from one web page to another.

Sometimes it is more beneficial for a few links in a website to not get indexed in Google. We look out for such links and block them on crawler so that they are not robotically detected by Crawler. This is more apt for access to admin sections, password protected areas, etc. of a website.

Meta tags

Meta tags are terms that specify page or business descriptions. Though it does not affect the SEO ranking process directly, it is of extreme importance because major search engines like Google allows display of this information in their search results, provided this particular description is present on a page whose content matches with the tag and search query.

We research the quality of Meta tags of a site and make necessary changes for more impact. Meta tags have to be short, informative and at the same time be attractive because it has been observed that search engines display the ones that are more appropriate and precise and this also could be from your competitor’s website that has impactful Meta tags as compared to yours. Our focus is to have keyword optimized Meta tags for a website for better SEO performance.

Experience has shown that a high position in search results does not always guarantee large numbers of visitors. For example, if your competitors’ search result description is more attractive than the one for your site then search engine users may choose their resource instead of yours. That is why it is important that your Description Meta tag text be brief, but informative and attractive. It must also contain keywords appropriate to the page.

Usability of website/ Accessibility

By usability or accessibility of website we refer to the website loading time which ideally should not exceed 2-3 seconds. Loading time is very crucial for enhanced user experience. Most businesses have highly evolved websites with simple text websites with low quality images being history. High definition images, galleries, videos, animation, etc. are being commonly used to make attractive websites but are factors also affect the site loading time.

We check websites on this parameter as well and if it does not meet the standard loading time, we go further in exploring the reasons behind the lag and take corrective steps to improve it and bring it to the standard levels of performance.


With a wide array of devices with varied displays, it has become imperative for websites to be responsive which means that it should be able to impart a satisfactory visual experience that includes accessibility, easy reading, convenient navigation, etc. across all devices.

We work across varied platforms and have the expertise to make a website fully responsive across all devices.
Off page SEO analysis.

Off Page SEO Analysis

This is a critical part of SEO. For this we conduct an in-depth study and understanding of the backlink structure of your website. After gathering and sorting out all the data, we create link building strategies that are result oriented and practical so that you can appear high above your competitors on search results.

We check the number of backlinks that point to the website, whether or not the backlinks are spam, whether these are coming from trusted, relevant, reliable and good quality sites or not for their effectiveness. For best results we create an optimum mix of backlinks of different qualities and sources.

Google Penalty Checker

We check whether websites have been a victim of Google penalty. If your website suddenly disappears from Google search results or traffic has significantly dropped, then this could be sign that you have been penalized by Google. This can happen due to different reasons, some of which are duplicate content, backlink spam with identical anchor text, excessive keyword density in content, hidden text in website, too many links etc.

We check websites for penalties and find out the causes and take the necessary corrective action. A thorough analysis of the website with all the updated algorithms helps in finding reasons of penalty. Our experts work on each of these reasons to get your site back to Google!

Local SEO Analysis

This is especially important for businesses that desire to create a local impact in the area where they are located. Merely mentioning addresses or locations of stores on the website does little to create a local awareness. This is where Local SEO comes into play.

Local SEO is listing of NAP that means Name, Address and Phone Number and is vital. NAP has to be genuine and authentic because Google and other search engines carry out a verification exercise to certify that you are legitimate business. The more the number of locations the better it is and these can be listed in local directories.

We help businesses with Local SEO by checking details on their site, modifying wherever necessary and find out whether they have been correctly optimized or not assisting them to create a local presence.