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Ways to Generate Traffic for Your Small Business

What’s best about online marketing is that businesses of any size can avail it. It’s not the privilege to the biggest brands that can spend a lot on digital and printed advertisements. Here, you can promote any business with both paid and non-paid ad campaigns.

You, being a small business owner, will definitely try to make minimum investments on the marketing part. It will help you invest more in manufacturing products or making your services better. Internet is there to fulfil your aim and here’s how you can use the digital platform for the promotion of your small business without investing much.

Social Media Optimization

With the growing popularity of social media sites among people all over the world, all major businesses have understood how beneficial these sites are for the marketing of their products or services. Almost every brand has a social media presence today. As a small business owner, you should also have some sort of social engagement whether on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. As your visibility gets matured, you experience more benefits.

You may think that posting regular updates about your business will do the job for you. But here, you need to be more active. Calculating the number of “likes”, “shares” and “followers”, interacting with the customers via messages and responding to their queries should also be included in your task list. Let’s have a look at some effective SMO trends for small businesses.

    • More than 1.5 billion people use Facebook. There are around 350,000 tweets every minute. Therefore, it’s literally impossible to inform manually about your business to all social media users. To do this, you would require a tool like DrumUp that can crawl the web and help you stay active on the social media sites by sharing contents.
    • Understanding what your buyers want is very important if you are to promote your business through social media. You should spend a good amount of time to comprehend your targeted audience. It is a one-time yet effective marketing method.
    • Apart from producing new contents, you have to take care of the bunch of contents that have already been published online. You should reuse those contents by carefully editing the titles and adding new images. You can also have various content curation tools where you can store your old contents.
    • Adding videos and voice records to the contents is one of the latest and effective ways of social media optimization. It establishes authenticity and originality. Besides, it is a great way to add a personal touch to each kind of content you share across to your online audience.

Customer Relationship Management

For a successful digital marketing campaign, you have to take care of the relationship between your customers and you. To get it done, you can have several digital channels like email, SMS (texts), POS (point-of-sale). They can also help you in retargeting customer relationships. Whenever a potential customer visits your website, you get an incremental data that can be used to plan the future exposure.

To develop a more effective CRM system, you have to go beyond email distribution and connect all data channels. For instance, if you have several stores in different regions, you can use both physical and digital communications to manage your clients. You can give your store visitors guest books and ask them to write down their email addresses and birthdays. With this information, you can start a friendly conversation with your clients. You can them posted with weekly sale alerts.

Using Different Platforms

You should use different platforms like social media, PR, search and online digital hubs to market your small business as potential customers will not take decisions based on just a single platform. You can use PR to make your customers aware of your products and services. Then you can take the help of social media to add an extra value to the contents. You can also use customer review sites like Trustpilot through which you can send feedbacks.

Influencer Marketing

With the passage of time, influencer marketing is becoming more and more important to get digital success. The reason behind the popularity of it is while shopping online, people always look for authenticity. Thus, a recommendation from a trusted peer is always more influential than a message from a brand. A review of your product or service from vlogger Zoella will certainly influence your clients a lot as it has a great popularity among generation Y consumers.

Influencer marketing is generally divided into two different parts, paid influencer marketing and earned influencer marketing. There are various bloggers who charge for writing reviews on your products. The charges may vary depending on the industry you belong to. For unpaid campaigning, you have to be a renowned brand. For unpaid campaigning, you have to be a renowned brand by promoting which the blogger can earn fame.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is going to be the game changer in 2016. Fact is that, a lot of videos are consumed through the social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. You should also be aware of the fact that YouTube which is dedicated to videos is the second largest search engine after Google.
The key to becoming a successful video marketer is creating contents that people want to share. It’s not all about promoting your products and services. You should focus on providing beneficial information or some sort of entertainment to the visitors through your videos. It’s better not to use long introductions and cutaways. 

Email Marketing

The digital marketing industry has witnessed a lot of changes over the past few years. While most of the marketing methods have been abolished because of their ineffectiveness, some are still considered useful today. Email marketing is one of the oldest but useful methods of promoting a business. It’s not something very trendy, yet can generate a good amount of traffic for you. Email marketing is based on the database and helps you to start the conversation with your clients. Another thing that you have to keep in mind is the development of engaging contents. A tool like Dotmailer can help you a lot in your email marketing campaign. You can automate the entire marketing process and create mass emails using Dotmailer. Besides, it can help you analyze the process by tracking the responses.

To wrap up the entire thing, it can be said that, being a small business owner, you have to look for the ways that can produce fast results. Apart from that, the primary aim of your digital marketing campaign should focus on creating awareness among people. Just try the above-mentioned methods, tap their benefits and see the outcome.