Our SEO Process – Social Media Optimization

social media optimization

Social Media Optimization (SMO) basically means increasing awareness about a brand, product, service or company through enhanced visibility on the internet and has emerged as an important and inseparable part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SMO involves optimizing a website and its content across various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Google +, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Search engines greatly rely on the inputs of these media sites to rank pages and websites. The higher the popularity of a website on social media more is its credibility and quality that prompts search engines to rank them higher. Apart from social networking sites, RSS Feeds, Bookmarking, video and blogging sites are also important tools that contribute significantly to improve online visibility of a website.

The primary objective of SMO is similar to that of SEO which is driving more traffic to your website. They both work hand in hand to provide maximum exposure to a brand. SMO makes it easy to share content across the web through many points from where it can be viewed by more people. With business dynamics changing rapidly, SMO offers improves online visibility along with customer interaction that helps businesses to serve their niche better. An implementation of judicious mix of various SMO tools work cohesively to drive potential clients to your site.

With an experienced team for SMO, we implement customized strategies for each of our clients keeping in mind their business and target audience. We follow certain thumb rules and a stepwise approach while creating these strategies.

  1. Build client reputation

Clients have an existing reputation but we work towards augmenting it further so as to establish them as a dependable, authentic and reliable source. This promotes link exchanges and improves client-customer interactions.

  1. Improve linkability

Sometimes websites are simple static ones barely with any web visibility. This can be improved in an instant by adding more links via useful content. For example adding blogs or white papers is a great idea. In fact simply reorganizing and reformatting the existing content also works wonders. However, we also keep in mind not to pile links on the website which end up looking unnatural.

  1. Engage your audiences

This is very important. We create content that encourages interaction from our niche audience. You can ask them to like, comment, include call to action, etc. that will basically initiate interaction from your audiences.

  1. Focus on being social

Since we are talking about social media and networking, the focus has to be on the social aspect. We make every effort to reach out to experts, specialists and authorities to add quality to our efforts.

  1. Choice of platforms

The kind of business is an important determinant in the choosing the kind of social platforms. We create an effective mix of social media tools for best results. Some platforms are more effective than the others and you also need to find out which ones are used most by your target audiences.

  1. Optimize content

We ramp up our optimization efforts to gain the most. This we do by including widgets and tools like share buttons, icons, subscription options, social login, shareable content, social icons, images etc.

  1. Original, fresh and shareable content

We try to be as original as possible when we create content because that is what sets us apart from the crowd. We create channel specific customized content aimed at increasing engagement levels.

Also we come up with diverse content that can be shared across various social media platforms that leads to maximum visibility.

  1. Genuine, real and authentic

We keep our approach human which means that our interactions and content are real time and are not aimed at mechanical interactions. We value genuine visitors and try and keep exchanges actual.

  1. Follow best industry practices

Our experts keep a close watch on ever evolving social media trends and practices and make sure that our efforts are completely in sync with them. Yet we make use of tactics that are unique and not run of the mill.

With the above requisites we strategize and implement successful SMO that leads to generation of more traffic to your website.