How to Optimize Your Business Listing with Google’s My Business


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Stats show that 1 out of the 5 searches is location based. Most of the people seek for local search to be aware of the businesses available in their locality and to select the professionals who are most suitable. If you want your business to secure a good rank in such local searches, you need to optimize Google’s My Business (GMB) listings, formerly known as Google Places.

Getting position on the first page has become prioritized by business owners after the introduction of smartphones like Androids and iPhones into the market. A further emphasis on the task was imposed since Google launched the feature of voice search on Android phones to draw faster results from Google local.

The results that you get after doing a local search are certainly among the normal listings with some differences. Having a local focus, they come with lettered balloons, addresses and phone numbers. They also have maps that point out the location of each business.

Why is GMB So Important?

There are various reasons that echo the significance of GMB. Here, some of them are mentioned.

  • It is the source of the info to maps and the knowledge box for a business and thus, is essential to show your location and necessary information.
  • Your business can’t be optimized locally without it as it helps you to appear on any local map listings in the SERP that is displayed when you search something on Google.
  • No matter what kind of local campaign you are to hold, it would be the base of that campaign as you don’t even exist if you don’t have a GMB page for a local business.
  • GMB fits into other Google accounts like Google Plus, Google Maps and Google Search and thus becomes an information hub for other sites.

What Steps Should You Take to Optimize Your GMB listing?

The contact details provided in the listing should match the detail given on the ‘Contact Us’ page of your website. In fact, every web presence should bear the same information.

  • It is also very important to use the actual business name.
  • If you need to change your contact details, update them as fast as possible.
  • Use high resolution and bright images. Take care to refresh them.
  • There are instances when the details of listings and the links of the websites get changed. To prevent this, you need to check your details at regular intervals.
  • Select the right categories and be very specific.
  • For a better result, add photos of your business and your employees. You can also provide the opening and closing hours or any other useful information.

Undoubtedly, there is a lot of importance of ranking in local search. It not only maximizes the in-store footfalls or prospective customers but also helps to get an increased traffic to your website.  Getting yourself listed correctly with Google My Business can provide you with all these benefits. Make yourself visible to your local customers today without any more wait.