Our SEO Process – Content Creation

content creationContent is king, as they say in SEO and this can either make or break your site. By content in a site we are referring to all the text that appears in your website. This is usually explanatory and informative in nature and is aimed at educating the reader. However, this is also regarded as a powerful tool in SEO. This utility and effectiveness of this tool largely depends on our expert team of writers who create exactly what is needed for your website.

Keywords form an important part of all kinds of content that caters to SEO goals. Search engines crawl around a website trying to detect organic repetitions of words, phrases and related words that guides them to the topic about which the site is about and accordingly include it in related searches. This is how the text helps a website achieve rankings in search engines. However the word ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ is crucial here because any unnatural stuffing of keywords is easily identified as a manipulative move by the search engines that are fast in rendering the website as bogus or unworthy.

SEO content has three primary goals:

  • Educate and engage readers with useful information written in an attractive manner
  • Achieve higher rankings in search engines
  • Get links from other reliable websites

Search engines have evolved algorithms over the years to bring forth quality text to its readers discouraging stuff that has been featured purely to achieve rankings. Keyword rich content has become passé and the focus is now on engaging and authoritative text imparting real time value to a website. The success of SEO is entirely dependent on human readers and not mechanical interpretation of the text matter.

Certain factors need to be kept in mind while creating SEO content:


Before our writers set to work, we take it upon ourselves to understand who our target audiences are because we create content for people who will be interested in your product or service. Whatever we write should catch their attention because we write for people and not for search engines. Some questions that help us understanding our audiences are:

  • What kind of content might interest them?
  • Which age group or segment of people do I hope to serve?
  • What kind of communication will appeal to them?
  • What are the questions they can come up with?
  • What text will initiate responses from them?

Before creating content, it is vital to understand why we are creating it. Creating text without any aim is of no use. Writing for SEO inspires creativity because it compels writers to think out of the box and come up with new topics, new keywords and phrases, new approaches, etc.

It is important to weave the article around the keyword using it sparingly for continued reader attention. Relevance is another key factor that needs to be kept in mind while writing.


Studies suggest that most visitors to a site simply scan the content rather than going through it line by line. Using headings and sub headings in BOLD helps readers get an idea of what the website is about as it attracts more attention. Such text should be representative of what follows in the subsequent paragraphs.


It is important to have keywords, phrases and related keywords in the content that is created. Our team of writers makes optimum use of such words so that the text appears natural and at the same time ranks in search engines.


Though there is no word limit on text that is created for the web our team of writers create content that is optimally required for your website. They constantly update their knowledge about the modifications in algorithms so that what they create is technically up to the mark for effective SEO implementations.

Heavily loaded with keywords and promotional language is treated as direct advertising which is completely rejected by search engines.


It is important to create text in a reader friendly format that is eye catching and lucidly brings forth the message. Usage of headings, sub-headings, titles, bullet points, summaries, all make up for a organized look and feel. Excessive fluff is best avoided because there is less meat in terms of actual content clearly indicating that its creation has been for SEO only and not for human reading or knowledge.


There is nothing more detrimental to a website than content that duplication. Duplicating or copying has to be avoided at all costs. Search engines not only black list sites with similar text or phrases but you will also dissuade readers from visiting the site because no one will be interested in reading the same thing over and over again.

Originality is key to every piece of text created by our writers making sure that it is genuine and authentic making it interesting for your visitors.


Content in a website is not limited to text alone. It encompasses images, links, URLs, meta tags, etc. The presence of keywords can also be observed in links and URLs, but even in this case we ensure that they are not overloaded with them and also take care of the duplication issue. We make create and check every bit of text made by us with total focus on quality. We employ latest tools for these verifications.

The only two things that make our work top grade is our ability to create people centric original high quality content that help achieve SEO goals.

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