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Search Engine Marketing Questionnaire

Company Name:

This document is a starter questionnaire for us to understand your brand, target market, competition, competitive advantage and more. The more we understand about your business, the better we can develop relevant ad copy, test out new strategies and to optimize your ad campaign.

Are you currently doing any advertising for your business? Please provide details.
Do you have an existing Google Adwords Account? If yes, please provide your customer ID number?
What are your marketing goals?
Who are your direct competitors? (Provide name and website URL’s)
How are you different than the competition? What is your unique selling position?
Who is your target audience? Please explain each segment and what aspects of your business are targeted to them.
What are the demographics of your target audience? (Ex. Age, Gender, Marital Status, etc.)
Which geographical area(s) do you want to target?
Do you have seasonal products or services? If yes, please provide details.
What are your best-selling products or services? Please explain in detail.
List some keywords that describe your business. Think from a customer’s point of view.
Do you have any promotions, discounts or incentives that you want to mention in your ad campaign?
Do you request any specific keyword phrases to be included in your campaign?
Do you use Google Analytics? If yes, please give administrative access to for us to link your Adwords campaign to your Analytics account.
Who makes changes to your website, such as editing page copy or adding new pages? Do you have an in-house team, web agency or will G Web Pro be doing the changes?
Do you have a Google Maps account? If yes, please give administrative access to for us to link your Adwords account to your location.