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Play Big. Challenge local competition

  • Correcting business name, address and phone number on local listing sites
  • Local SEO techniques implemented by a team of expert professionals
  • Analyzing competition and leaving it far behind with strategized tactics

Google Local SEO Service in Toronto

Generate Local Leads from Local Customer

Google Map Creation

We submit business on Google Maps and Optimize Google Plus page to achieve better rankings

Local Business Listing

We submit business on local business listing site to populate business information

Local Search optimization

We monitor ongoing website performance and optimize website for local ranking.

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Local SEO focuses on techniques that improve visibility and provide credibility to local businesses on search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing

Why Google Local SEO?

Winners don’t do different things… they just do the same things differently. Like Google, the most popular and the largest search engine in the world. It has come up with the Google Local + or the Google Places optimization option that makes life easier for its users, thereby ensuring the Numero Uno position in their hearts.

Almost 90% of Canadians Google their needs before making a purchase decision, looking for business locations near them, driving instructions to the place, working hours, customer reviews and any other information they can find before taking the plunge. All this information makes the business visible to your customers and provides clarity, making a positive impact thereby influencing their final decision.

Every local search pulls up websites that are optimized for Google Local, an SEO technique that puts your business on the local search result page for customers to find you. With a webpage that is optimized for local search, your business not only gains visibility and popularity, it also gains credibility that is so hard-to-achieve. Every bit of information is important when it comes to local search; even nitty-gritties like parking space and showroom/ warehouse size have an effective role in impacting purchase decisions.

With a goal to improve user experience continuously and constant technology innovation, Google brings about a wealth of information with every search result, with the most accurate options for the search word keyed in. Websites that are professionally optimized for Google Local+ stand more chances of being pulled up on the search results first page and being accessible to the user.

How does Google Local SEO help your business?

  • It creates brand awareness by making every possible information available about your business
  • Makes it visible by getting it listed on all possible business listing sites for your locality
  • Specific keywords for your business and specific customer groups are targeted enabling you to reach niche customers as well

Basic steps involved in optimizing your website locally:

1. Business submission to Google My Business: It is important that Google be able to locate and identify your business location, relegating it to a physical address. Our Local SEO experts will submit your business to the Google My Business dashboard to get it verified physically to set the ball rolling.

2. Citation Building: Citation sites or business listing sites are the next target. We ensure that your business information is submitted manually to every business listing site and every local directory so that it is visible every time a user looks up any of these sites. It is important to be visible on these sites, since these sites carry credibility of their own, and people often consult them when looking up service providers on the internet.

3. Onsite Optimization: Our expert Local SEO professionals will integrate maps on your site, ensure business information like working hours, address, phone number and other details are clearly mentioned on every page. This onsite optimization makes it easy for any visitor and potential customer to find information and make a choice.

4. Multi-location Optimization: If your business is located in multiple locations, your website has to be optimized for all the locations, with a page dedicated to each place of business. This helps Google track your website for any of the location searches for your business.

5. NAP Correction: NAP (Business Name, Address and Phone Number) correction is a humongous task that our SEO experts undertake efficiently and professionally. It is important to ensure that every listing directory reflects the exact same name, address and phone number for your business and that there is no irregularity reflecting on any of the sites.

6. Competitor’s Analysis: Last but not the least is the competitor analysis for your business. We analyse the top competitors that are vying for the same search term that your business uses, and find innovative ways to create optimum ROI (Return on Investment) for you.

Why G Web Pro?

The secret to our success is that THERE IS NO SECRET.

At G Web Pro, we don’t do different things… we just do everything meticulously with a touch of creative ingenuity to ensure success.

Understanding the locality for Local SEO

We are a Toronto based company manned by adroit professionals who are locals with valuable international experience. We have a finger on the pulse of this city that is as vibrant as it is cosmopolitan. Being aware of the changing trends and tastes helps, for it enables us not only to adapt to changes, but to predict them and be proactive about future strategies. Long before our competition decides it is time to change business tactics, we have already predicted, planned and executed the changes.

This is what helps us stay on top of the game and partner your growth.

Ranking your business on Local Search

G Web Pro has been putting businesses on top of local search results for over 600 clients and the number is climbing the charts steadily. The Toronto roots and international exposure empower our Local SEO experts with the best of Knowledge and Expertise.

Knowledge about what people want and where they want it… Expertise on winning strategies to employ for your business to make it visible on Local Search. Every listing site is important, and each business location needs to have its own optimized page. Missing out on even on location could cost you. Or one wrong address on a single listing.

Our resourceful and skilled professionals will painstakingly check every listing, correct every misquoted business name, address or phone number in a way that every page reflects your location clearly for your customers and visitors, so that the chances of every visitor turning into a customer increases manifold.

With our active services, conversion comes naturally. We believe in the power of organic search and work towards creating perfect listings for our customers, thereby ensuring success for each client. There are a few more strategies up our sleeve.

Nothing ever beat hard work. And it helps that we add professionalism while throwing in a bit of creativity in everything that we do.

Trust us. We are the Pros.