How to Optimize Your Business for Branded Search

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Branded Search
Users who invest in digital marketing, primarily focus on getting their keywords ranked. Of course, the most important concern is having their businesses displayed alongside the most searched words related to the services or products they offer. But what about the brand name? You may not earn a new customer by being visible on the SERP with your business name, but there’s a threat of losing customers if they can’t find your business by its name.

Businesses that have unique names don’t need as much effort to become visible on the SERP. But for companies that have common business names, or have common words in their business names, it will be harder to secure the top position in the SERP when the brand name is searched for. You have to make Google understand that your name stands for a different organization and that you are there for a different purpose. There are also several other tasks that can be done for brand enhancement. Let’s go over a few.

Anchor Texts

To make sure that you are ranking for your own brand name, you should have it in anchor texts a good number of times. Google decides what pages you have on your website after crawling the anchor texts so make full use of it. Even so, you still need to create anchor texts on off page contents to prove your authenticity.

If businesses from other fields get ranked with your brand name, you can make slight changes in creating the anchor texts. For example, if you provide photography services and find that a travel agency ranks with your brand name, you can simply add “photography” to your business name to help Google understand that you are a different business.

Business Listing

Business listings can give a huge boost to your branded search optimization. Listing on high authority sites proves your authenticity and authority and thus, Google starts quickly relying on your business. What you need to ensure is that you are not getting listed in low authority directory submission sites because Google considers those links spam.

Display the Right Pages

Once you start ranking for your business name, you should focus on displaying the right pages from your site. You aren’t finished just because you’ve secured the first spot. Your most relevant and useful pages should be visible to answer questions related to your brand. Home pages, product pages and services pages are the perfect examples of what to display first.

To accomplish this, fix all the issues related to your branded terms. Add long phrase and exact match keywords that users search for and add them to your titles and meta descriptions.

Paid Advertisement

If your brand name is a keyword and you are ranking for it, your competitors may try to acquire the position. The best way to secure your ranking is to run paid advertisement. This is also a beneficial strategy for those who don’t have a keyword in the brand name as the CPC is cheap and moreover, with it, you can restrict your competitors from acquiring that position.

Don’t worry if you can’t find your business on Google SERP with the brand name. Just follow these tips and you will be there in no time.

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