Beginner’s Guide to Target Audience on Facebook

Beginner’s Guide to Target Audience on Facebook

Facebook has been collecting user data for the last 13 years. This means there’s hardly any other platform that can provide you with such a deep insight on audience behavior. It’s this insight that can be your biggest asset if you plan on launching an ad campaign on Facebook. Don’t miss the opportunity to target a bigger audience by relying only on your own intuition. Stay patient and research a bit. Facebook can help you a lot to find your ideal customer.

Getting Started

Log into your Facebook account and go to “ads manager”.

Target Facebook Audience

Then hover over the menu button on the top and click on “All Tools”.

target facebook audience

Next, you have to click on audience insights and you will find a pop up with the following facebook audience

If there are a lot of followers on your page, it’s better to target them. To do that, go for the second option. If you created a campaign before and already got some engagement, you can go for the custom audience as it will show you data based on the user interactions on your site. But to have that data, you need to install the Facebook Pixel code on your website.

If you are running Facebook ads for the first time, you need to choose the first option so that you can get useful suggestions from Facebook itself.

Click on “Everyone on Facebook”. You will be redirected to a page with a lot of data on user behavior.

target facebook audience (target facebook audience

Choose Demographics & Interest

On the left side bar of the page, you will have the option to choose the demographics of your audience, for example, you can select the age and location that you want to target.

Then you need to choose the interest of your targeted users. This is the most crucial stage of analyzing your customers’ behaviour as this is what helps you dig deeper into your audience insights. Let’s try it.

Suppose you provide web design services in Canada and want to target people between the ages of 20 to 55. After selecting the demographics and interest as per your requirement, you will get the information displayed below.

target facebook audience

target facebook audience

target facebook audience

Age, Relationship Status, Education Level & Job Title

As you can see, 54% of women and 46% men are interested in this topic. But the age group that was selected manually differs slightly from Facebook Insights. The age group selected before was between 20- 55 but the data shows that people aged between 18-54 are more interested in web design. If you scroll down, you can also have the relationship status, education level and job title of the people who are interested in web design.

Page Likes

Now click on the “page likes” tab on top and learn about the pages that have been liked by your targeted audience. This is the most important data to reach your potential customers. Just jot down the pages and target each one of them while creating your ads.

target facebook audience

target facebook audience


After that, you need to find out the regions in Canada where most of your potential customers come from. Click on the location tab on top and get details about the top areas. So, don’t put a stop by targeting only the country. Get more insights and select the regions specifically.

target facebook audience

There you are with some of the most effective ways to target your audience if you have just started investing in Facebook Ads. Try it and gather some data of user responses. You can then easily create your own custom audience through Facebook Pixels.

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