6 Step – Process to Marketing Your Photographs Online

How to Market Photographs Online


Are your photographs getting the attention they deserve? If you’re pursuing your passion for photography, then the avenue for success is digital.

There are various ways to promote your snaps online. Social media channels and image sharing websites are effective ways to spread your creativity. For a more professional approach, you need to have a website visible in the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). Here how to do it.

Create a Website

Designing a website is no longer solely the domain of professional coders. With advancements on CMS (Content Management System) platforms, even a layman can design and develop a website.

As marketing and sharing your images is your goal, learn to use WordPress as its the most popular and easiest CMS platform to master. It has a variety of attractive WordPress templates for photography sites. Just select your favourite and install it.

Use Social Media Channels

Instead of simply sharing your photographs on social media platforms, you now have your own website to promote them on. Make full use of it by choosing the right groups and people to follow and share with. You can also create a business page on these social networks and link it to your website. This will help you earn more clicks and boost your online branding in time. Moreover, the fan pages will provide you with analytics so you’ll know the reach, engagement and clicks earned by each post.


Blogging is an important tool when running a digital marketing campaign. It has several advantages.

On page blogs keep your website updated and store the latest information your users might be looking for. Off page activity is also helpful as it can increase your domain authority.

There are several topics that you can write on, but creating tutorials is an effective way to drive traffic to your website. Just do a little research on the topics that are most searched and write blogs on them. Google Trends can be an effective tool for you to explore blog topics related to photography.

Video Tutorials

After launching your website, the primary concern should switch to gaining the trust of your users. Video tutorials are useful for this. They can be catalysts during the initial stages of your marketing efforts. For example, you can create videos on “how to do candid photography with DSLR” and share it on your YouTube channel. The link of the video can also be shared on your website and on your business pages to earn more views and clicks.


If you’re going to sell your images online, then you should invest time in writing classifieds and sharing them on different platforms. This type of content marketing is beneficial whenever there’s a big occasion or festival. For example, you can offer a Christmas sale on your images and write a classified on the deal and link your website landing page with the content.

Display Ads

To get leads quickly, try using Google display ads. Through this tool, you can exhibit your images on numerous Google-affiliated third party sites and earn potential clicks for your website.

If you’re trying to promote your photographs through digital media, then don’t restrict your marketing efforts to sharing your images on social media platforms. Create a photography website and market it so that you can establish yourself as a brand and have more marketing opportunities.