Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest though new compared to the other social media channels is very popular. According to a 2018 report by Omnicore, the social networking site has 175 million active users every month. For marketers, there’s a lot of opportunities that this platform presents if utilized properly.

The advantages we will be focusing on in this post are keyword optimized boards, generating repins, insights into audience interests and more.

Keyword Optimized Boards

Unlike some other social media platforms, Pinterest comes with the option to create boards that allow you to segregate your content for better visibility. So, if you are offering different products and services, you can create separate boards for each one of them. The boards can be labelled with keywords and popular hashtags so that users can find your content easily.

Look for the keywords and phrases that your users often search. You can also take inspiration from the popular pins related to your industry. Make sure that the title of the board has keywords properly placed. Remember to also use keywords in the description of a pin.

Generating Repins

Pinterest, though a social media platform, is more of a visual search engine rather than a social network. Therefore, generating repins is more important than increasing the number of followers. It is only through encouraging others to repin your content you can get more visibility on Pinterest’s search engine. Thus, it is more useful to share content that is inspirational and helpful than news or promotional images.

Another effective way to get repins is creating group boards. Find your industry-based influencers who are very active on Pinterest and approach them to create a group board where everyone can contribute. Together, you will have more combined followers.

Research What Your Audience Likes

Before creating pins, you need to know what your targeted audience likes. You can search Pinterest to determine what type of content is trending in your industry. Use a tool like BuzzSumo to find out what’s popular on social media channels. Google Analytics is another way to find out which pages of your website get the most number of visits.

Use Pinterest Analytics

Use Pinterest Analytics to get insight into your activities. You can learn about the performance of the pins like which ones got the most number of impressions, saves and clicks. This tool will tell you your average daily and monthly impressions, engagements and viewers. You’ll gain an idea of your audience’s interest, letting you develop more engaging content.

Increase the Number of Pins

According to a report by Buffer, posting at least five times a day can yield optimal results on Pinterest. You may find it difficult to post five times a day, thankfully, not all the pins need to be created by you. You can repin other influencers’ pins. Choose some popular pins in your niche and share them for better visibility. The same content can also be repined to different boards.

Optimized Images

Images posted on Pinterest should have properly highlighted call to actions to create a sense of urgency. Make sure that all the images are optimized for mobile devices and have large fonts. The ideal fonts and design ratio for an image is 2:3. Keep in mind that vertical images work best on Pinterest.

So, what are you waiting for? Try out these tactics and let us know what worked for you.