5 Tools You Should Be Acquainted with before Beginning SEO

SEO tools for beginners

Do you know why marketers promote their brand through SEO? It’s because it helps you reach more potential customers quickly. It also provides you with a huge amount of data to better guide your online marketing efforts.

Whether you want to build a new online marketing plan, create a stronger customer base or target new customers, it’s the data that SEO tools provide that you must rely on. It’s what generates insight about your website data which then strengthens your digital marketing campaign. If you’re new to SEO, then read on to learn about some of the most effective tools available.

Google Analytics


One of the most reliable and popular tools available for web marketing is Google Analytics. It comes with a large amount of data that covers almost everything you need to run a successful marketing campaign. With this tool, you can learn about your users, their behavior, interests, which channels they are coming from, which devices they prefer to use, how well they are converting, how many of them are bouncing back, average loading time of your website and several other metrics. 

Google Search Console

Google Search Console

Another useful tool developed by Google is Google Search Console. It’s probably the best way to understand how the robots see your site. It provides great support in improving the search appearance of your site and its performance. For example, if you can’t find your site in the Search Engine Result Pages, you can log into your search console account and select the “fetch as Google” option, which increases the chances of displaying a particular URL in the SERPs. Through Search Console, you can also learn about the technical issues on your website, find ways to fix them and build a content marketing strategy to boost less visited pages.



AHREFS is mostly used to analyze competitor sites and their marketing techniques. It helps you identify the areas where your competitors are excelling and where they’re getting their useful backlinks from. The tool also gives you information on your competitors most visited pages. Most importantly, AHREF can tell you about the domain and URL authority of the sites you are analyzing and guides you on achieving the same.



BuzzSumo is mainly used to generate topic ideas for content. Just log in to the site and type in any keyword. It will show you the most popular content related to the keyword. You can also filter the result depending on the time, language, country, the type of content and the level of engagement of a particular content.

HubSpot Website Grader


HubSpot Website Grader reveals search engine opportunities to take advantage of to help a business grow. It provides customized reports based on several metrics that includes performance, SEO and security. The tool checks the page size, speed, responsiveness, SSL certificate, titles, meta descriptions and a lot more to determine your site’s grade.

Those were some of the most effective tools out today that every marketer beginning his/her SEO journey should consider. All you need is your website URL and email address and you’re all set to help your business reach new heights in the world of data.