5 Tactics to Deal with the 2016 Digital World

This post was last updated on April 5th, 2017 at 03:30 am

Being associated with the constantly developing technologies, the digital marketing industry is always prone to changes. Unquestionably, the changes are beneficial to both the buyers and sellers. But you should be aware of the current upgrades otherwise, you will be left behind.
Being a digital marketer, you need to look beyond the stereotype channels and methods to give a tough competition. Here’s what you should do to establish your business as an authority in 2016.

1. Relationship Management

With the more and more adoption of smartphones, a bigger opportunity is always there to maintain and create new relationships. Now brands can easily connect with their customers and make them aware of their new launches and attractive offers. This is the easiest medium to communicate with your customers in order to produce great results when you utilize it for long-term engagement instead of short-term acquisition. This would also help you develop a strong and emotional relationship.

When connected with your customers, emphasize on purposeful conversations. You should concentrate on creating loyalists and brand advocates. Now, you can also have essential data using which you can build effective marketing plans. It also enables you to have an insight into your customers’ interests.

2. Location Based Technologies

If you are an event marketer, you can have highly-developed technological assistance to target users. The location-based technology like iBeacon and RFID will guide you thoroughly to market your business in preferred locations.

iBeacon is a small bluetooth transmitter that provides location-based information to iPhones and other iOS devices. The apps installed on your mobile catch the signals transmitted by it and allow you to respond when your device comes within the range.

For instance, if you pass a retailer’s shop that has iBeacon installed, your phone will receive signals that may display several offers to you. If you visit a museum, you will be notified about the nearest exhibition to see.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is another innovative move to boost sales. It’s a small electronic device that uses radio waves to read information on a tag fixed with a product. You can have RFID-enabled wristbands and cards that allow event attendees to communicate in an engaging way. What is advantageous about it is that the signals can be received from a long distance.

3. Automation Techniques

When it comes to digital marketing, you have to spend a lot of time to create contents. To reduce your efforts in content creation, you should utilize the marketing automation tools. These platforms are responsible for scheduling emails, segmenting contents, controlling social media posts, tracking the interests of people in your marketing funnel and a lot more. They make you focussed on your marketing and allow you to gain expected goals.

4. Ephemeral Marketing

Ephemeral marketing is a way to communicate with your clients through contents and messages that will be displayed for a limited period of time and after that they will disappear. Now, the question is what is the point of showing the contents for a short time? It adds more value to your personal conversations with your clients. The ephemeral tools like Meerkat, Periscope and Snapchat fortify the relationship between you and your client. Apart from this, there is hardly a chance to make fake contents as they are all created on the spot.

5. Wearable Technology

As the name suggests, wearable technology is a combination of both technology and fashion. Saddled with the dual character, gaining popularity in a short span of time was a cakewalk for them. The smartwatches available in the market can send notifications, sync email accounts and blend calendars and show directions using GPS. According to the predictions of the gadget gurus, they will witness a 28% increase in sales by the end of this year. Therefore, using this technology to communicate with customers is definitely going to yield fruitful results.

This year, will be punctuated with a lot of technological leaps and wonders. If you are a digital marketer, keep a close vigil on the technological advances and club them with your marketing techniques. But, think twice before you walk on a new path. The new trends are undoubtedly fantastic but it doesn’t mean that all of them are going to be profitable for you. You are the best person to judge what should find a place in your marketing ambit.