5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Google My Business Listing

How to Optimize google my business

With the evolving technologies of smart devices and the increasing number of local searches, it’s necessary to have your physical store stand out. And the easiest way to add authority to your local business is by getting it listed on Google My Business. But there are some optimization rules if you want it done properly. Let’s see what they are.

Having Duplicate Business Name

Some listings on Google My Business don’t become visible because they have common names. So, before you publish your listing, check whether your business shares a brand name with other organizations. If it does, then you must change it. This scenario can occur when businesses use keywords in their brand name hoping that it will improve their search engine visibility. It may help initially, but it will also affect your brandability in the long term.

You Are Open 24/7

Another common mistake is claiming that you are open 24/7. Your website may have a chat operator or you may provide an overnight customer support. But it doesn’t mean that you are open 24/7. On GMB only counts your open hours as the time when you or a customer are able to pay you a visit. Providing the wrong hours violates Google’s guidelines and hampers your online visibility.

You Have Not Given the Right Contact Number

Your number can be incorrect and there can be various reasons behind it. You may have listed the wrong digits, meaning you’re directing visitors to someone else. It may also be because the contact information is seen as incorrect by Google even if it is yours. It generally happens when your number is not local. There are a good number of business listings that don’t show up on Google local search due to having numbers from other regions. Make sure that you use a local number on your Google My Business Listing.

You Have Not Added Photos to Your Listing

People search for your brand name on Google because they want to know more about your business. Images of your physical store make your business authentic and build trust with the users who are yet to visit your place. You can also add company logos and photos of your employees.

You Are Not Being Reviewed

Google will never penalize you if you don’t get reviews. But it will not reward you either. Therefore, start asking your clients to leave their feedback. Just make sure that the reviews are authentic. Keep in mind that Google can track IP addresses which means it can tell if a business is leaving positive reviews about itself.

Remember, you have to claim your Google My Business Listing and create regular posts to keep your users engaged. Implement these tactics and get a head start on your competition.